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Christmas is the significant festival of people of Christian faith. This day marks the birth of Lord Jesus and his descent onto earth. During Christmas, people across the world send Catchy Christmas Slogans, messages and wishes to their loved ones near and far in the form of cards, text messages or through social networking sites. The Christmas messages are also given by a Church where Christmas prayers are held on that special day for prosperity and peace onto the world. The Christmas Eve messages from a church are given by the Bishop, Sermons or Reverend of the church. People also send out gifts and presents to love ones during Christmas. The Christmas dinner is a feast held in homes among families and friends who come together to celebrate this occasion.

Let us see some of good sample of christmas wishes and text messages.

Christmas Messages for Family

Family is the closest one people look forward to spending time with during Christmas. It is during Christmas that family members come together from far and near to feast.

“Merry Christmas to all. May this Christmas bring good luck and prosperity into your life and May Lord Jesus bring peace and blessings forever.”

Christmas Messages for Friends

The celebration of Christmas is incomplete without friends who come in numbers to homes for feasting and making merry. Everyone sends Christmas greetings and wishes to one another through cards or text messages on Christmas.

“Merry Christmas to you and your family. Let this Christmas bring prosperity, love and shower happiness into your family and a bright year ahead. “

Christmas Messages for Mom

During Christmas, moms become busy as they prepare cakes and delicious dishes for a sumptuous feast. During Christmas children eagerly look forward to tasty delicacies cooked by moms.

“Merry Christmas to you mother. May Lord Jesus shower you with love, prosperity and good health now and always. Have a wonderful Christmas feast ahead.”

Christmas Messages to Soldiers

Soldiers are the guardian of the nation. Staying all the year on the border protecting the country from foreign invasion, soldiers often do not get a chance to come home for Christmas. As such they celebrate Christmas at their base camp with fellow soldiers.

“Merry Christmas to you and your fellowmen. As you protect the country and secure us, may Lord Jesus shower you with protection and prosperity for your well being.”

Christmas Messages for Husband

Celebrating Christmas with husband is one of the beautiful moments of a married couple. Arriving at a church for prayers together and celebrating with a feast together at home with husband on Christmas day is special and memorable for any wife.

“Merry Christmas to my loving husband. May this Christmas brighten our lives with much love and prosperity and may the Lord bless you with good health and happiness always.”

Christmas Wishes Messages for Lover

Lovers have their own way of celebrating Christmas. Lovers make beautiful Christmas cakes and cook delicious dishes to enjoy Christmas feast together.

“Merry Christmas to my lover, the special person of my life. May this Christmas bring happiness and love in your life and prosperity into the world with the descend of Lord Jesus into earth.”

Christmas Messages for Clients

Christmas is a time when people celebrate together the birth of Lord Jesus and welcome Him onto earth with love. The Christmas wishes are sent to clients and customers also through text messages to wish them during the auspicious time. One can also send Christmas gifts for the clients to make them feel special and promote businesses.

“Dear client, I send loving Christmas wishes for you and your family. I hope you welcome baby Jesus with love and pray Him to spread peace and happiness in everyone’s lives.”

Christmas Messages for Boyfriend

Christmas becomes more special when celebrated with boyfriend. It is because of the preparation put onto together which makes it more special. Be it attending Christmas prayers together or preparing delicious feast for dinner, Christmas with boyfriend is always much special in its own way.

“Let this Christmas bring lots of love for a bright future and may our relationship grow much stronger as Lord Jesus showers His blessings. Merry Christmas my love.”

Christmas Wishes Messages for Children

Children are the angels of God and on Christmas are the most happiest people. It is because of the gifts and presents they get from Santa Claus and relatives that makes them more happier and cheerful on Christmas.

“Merry Christmas to you. May this Christmas bring lots of happiness and good luck for a bright future with the beautiful presents by Santa Claus.”

Christmas Wishes Messages for Employees

An organization pays respect and regards their employees on Christmas by sending them wishes on Christmas day. Every employee, whether he is staying near or far reaches home for Christmas to be with their family and friends.

“On behalf of Symbiote, I wish all employees a bright Christmas with lots of feasting and merry making on the special festive day. Let Lord Jesus shower His choicest blessings to one and all.”

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