Funny Christmas Wishes, Short Christmas Jokes, Messages

Funny Christmas Wishes, Funny Christmas Messages, Funny Jokes

Christmas is the time of celebrations with some laugh it surely becomes a lot more fun and memorable. Share with your loved ones some of the best Christmas jokes and wonderful Christmas greeting wishes. Tickle the funny bones of your family and friends with funny Christmas wishes to share.

With these funny Christmas text messages and funny Christmas messages and short christmas slogans to share, you can add lots of smiles to the celebrations. Share these Christmas jokes on Facebook, WhatsApp with your loved ones.

Funny Christmas Jokes and Humor

Make your loved ones laugh with funny Christmas jokes and funny one liner Christmas jokes. Share with them short Christmas jokes and funny Christmas jokes messages. Celebrate this occasion with the hilarious Christmas wishes and funny Christmas jokes with pictures that are sure to make it a happier Christmas.

Christmas is all about packing and unpacking gifts and then dealing with the ones you don’t like.

I wish we could just get cash on Christmas to buy things we actually want.

Christmas is the time when I want to go back to my childhood days, all fun and no work.

I pray for a really big bank balance this Christmas so that I can enjoy it to the fullest.

Short Christmas Tree Jokes

Let us join hands to decorate the best Christmas tree together. Merry Christmas to all.

No two people can agree on the Christmas tree decorations which makes Christmas difficult.

Belly Laugh Christmas Jokes

I am praying to get you bad stomach ache with lots of laughter this Christmas.

Let there be laughter and jokes surrounding us on the occasion of Christmas.

Funny Christmas Jokes for Clean

Laugh like this Christmas is going to end soon to make the most of it.

Christmas feels much better when you have good jokes to share and laugh at.

Funny Christmas Jokes for Family

This crazy family surely makes my Christmas feel so much happier and entertaining.

Don’t let the spirit of Christmas die. Let us laugh together because we are a family.

Funny Christmas Jokes for Seniors

It is kind of strange to think that you have already celebrated Christmas so many times.

I wish you get to celebrate more than hundred Christmas in your life.

Funny Christmas Jokes for Teachers

The best thing about Christmas is that there are no studies on this day.

We all anxiously wait for Christmas to arrive because it is the best holiday season on the calendar.

Funny Christmas Jokes for Friends

Celebrating Christmas with friends is like making Christmas celebrations feel much better.

Having friends to celebrate Christmas is a blessing and you guys are blessed to have me.

Short Funny Christmas Sayings and Quotes

I wish you a Christmas full of lots of gifts and lots of celebrations but no credit card bills to pay…. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Jokes for Seniors

Don’t miss on Christmas fun by comparing your age with that of Santa’s…. Enjoy a Christmas full of celebrations!!!

Funny Christmas Text Messages to Send to Friends

The best Christmas gift is the one which comes from heart but presents and cash don’t make a bad gift either….. Merry Christmas to you my friend.

Funny Christmas Messages for Girlfriend

Christmas time is the best holiday season when the fun and celebrations are on and the credit card bills have not arrived.

Funny Christmas Messages for Wife

Don’t remove the Christmas decorations because by the time we take them off, it is time to put them back again…. Merry Christmas to you.

Funny Christmas Text Messages for Boss

I wonder how Santa celebrates Christmas…. Works day and night on Christmas and stays in bed round the year….. Merry Christmas to you boss!!!

Funny Christmas Greetings Messages for Husband

Christmas is the only time of the year when I buy nuts because I know that my husband goes nuts…. Wishing a wonderful Christmas to my loving husband.

Hilarious and Funny Christmas Wishes for Teachers

I wish teachers were Santa Claus so that they could surprise us with presents instead of marks…. Best wishes on Christmas to you.

Funny Christmas Wishes Messages for Colleagues

I wish that each and every Christmas Santa stops at your house and leaves you with gifts of your choice…. Merry Christmas.

Funny Christmas messages for Facebook and WhatsApp

May Santa off load lots of love and blessings on you because they are more precious than gifts….. Merry Christmas!!!!

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