Short Funny Christmas Wishes for Best Friends

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Christmas is a special occasion, which has been celebrated throughout the world with much enthusiasm. Occurring on the December 25th as the birth of Lord Jesus, it starts with midnight mass on December 24th. The preparations and decorations starts week ago in the churches, which are beautified with various accessories.

So, it is an important occasion that calls for sending short funny Christmas Messages, sayings and quotes 2023 to family members as well as friends too. This will enable people to enjoy the best of celebration moments. This page will talk about funny Christmas wishes quotes that are worthy enough to be sent to friends, relatives and family members. Here are some of the best Merry Christmas Whatsapp status and Facebook Status Messages to wish your near and dear ones on Christmas.

Funny Christmas Quotes and Wishes for Best Friends

1. My dear lovely fatso. Love you for your chubbiness and the dwindling tires in your tummy. This Christmas, I would pray to Jesus that he send the “gift of slim figure” for you to make you smarter. Merry Christmas.

2. Your height is a sight to remember, which reminds me of love coming in tiny packets. I wish that Santa Claus gets a height increasing medicine as gift for you. Jokingly yours always. Merry Christmas to you.

3. You are the most beautiful friend I ever had, who protected me from evil like a touch of Kajal. It is a part of the funny Christmas quotes for cards that has been unleashed for you. Merry Christmas to my dear buddy

4. You are my best buddy, who pulled my leg always and enjoyed on my frightful moments. Merry Christmas to my sweetheart, who has been the red chilly in my life.

Witty Xmas Messages for Old Friends

5. May your celebration bills be as large as the fun enjoyed with me becoming the reason of your fat bills. Merry Christmas to my old friend, who has not been giving me a treat for quite a long time.

6. Christmas gift distribution by Santa Claus will be on a halt this year because you told him to be nicer to me than before. And he is in a bit of shock. Merry Christmas to my arrogant buddy.

7. Old friends are like old wine, which gets better with time. And of course, the taste of friendship remains intact. This Christmas, I remind you that you owe me a treat like every year. Merry Christmas.

8. Nothing in this world is as smart as you because of your witty nature and intense humor. You make my day every time with naughty remarks. Merry Christmas to the clown in my life.

Cute Merry Christmas Wishes to a Special Friend

9. Like is worth enjoying with a friend like you, who have always been bringing moments of joy. You complete me in times of fun and sorrows too. I pray to Lord Jesus to strengthen our friendship more this Christmas.

10. Christmas is the loveliest festival in the year, which cannot be celebrated without the most adorable friend of mine. Waiting for you to reach well before Christmas, so that we can have a ball. Merry Christmas 2023.

11. May the festival of Christmas bring in peace and prosperity in your life because you hold a special position in my heart. Merry Christmas to my dear buddy.

12. Never complete without you because you are the most special friend in my life, who brought all the happiness. Merry Christmas to my special friend.

Merry Christmas Text Messages to a Close Friend

13. On this Christmas day, I wish that you get everything in life that has been carving for. Along with this, I pray to strengthen our bond of friendship ever more. Merry Christmas to my sweetest pal.

14. May the sweet magic of Christmas not only fills your heart with love and peace; it develops a long lasting bridge between us. Thanks for being my friend always. Merry Christmas to you.

15. Christmas is not just a holiday; it is a moment to rejoice the birth of peace on earth in the form of Lord Jesus. May he bless you will all the happiness in life. Merry Christmas dear.

16. We shared smiles, we shared love and we shared sorrows. My life without you is incomplete and unimaginable. So, let us get together again to blast the balloons of fun this Christmas.

Funny Merry Christmas Wishes for Best Friend

“Friends are the ones who add the best colors to this painting called life. Warm wishes on Christmas to my pals who have made it a funny painting for me.”

“When I look at you, I don’t know whether I should be counting my blessings or I should be counting my threats. Merry Christmas to my friends.”

Funny Merry Christmas Quotes to Friends and Family

“Having a family as crazy as you is nothing more than a blessing. Wishing my crazy family a cheerful and blessed Christmas.”

“On the occasion of Christmas, I pray that I always stay with my family and friends to celebrate Christmas and to celebrate this life. Merry Christmas to you all.”

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