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Valentine’s Day is a festival of Love, celebrated every year on 14th February. Not only lovers, people throughout the world be it friends, parents and children and everyone celebrate this day of love in different special ways. The messages for wishing on special Valentines Day are sent in various ways through text messages or through social networking sites. One can also send recorded messages in a video and send it through a DVD to the concerned person.

Find the best collection of Happy Valentines Day Wishes, Quotes, Valentines Day Messages, Greetings, Valentines Sayings and Images For Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Her, Him, Wife, Husband, Lover, Friends with sample.

Let us see some of the sample of sweet Valentine’s Day 2019 messages examples sent to different people:

Short and Sweet Valentines Day Sayings

“Every moment I spend with you becomes a beautiful moment. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Valentine’s Day Messages for Brother and Sister

“Siblings are the best friends from childhood. It’s an occasion to spend time as a family and enjoy this day with joy and happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day to brothers and sisters.”

Valentine’s Day Card Wishes for New Relationship

“I am very thrilled and looking forward to spend this Valentine’s Day with you. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Valentine’s Day Messages for Colleagues

“Dear colleagues, we have sent productive time on our project, is time to spend time with our loved ones and enjoy this Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.”

Funny Valentines Messages

“This Valentine’s Day cost for vodka for two is cheaper that cost for dinner for two. Let’s celebrate with vodka. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Happy Valentines Day Wishes Images

Valentine Messages for Kids

Kids celebrate Valentine Day by giving flowers to parents, teachers and their loved ones. In return they get presents and also celebrate through cakes and dinners with their loved ones.

 “Let us celebrate this day of love with cakes and fun filled moments of celebration. Have a happy Valentine’s Day.”

Valentine Day Messages for Friends

Valentine’s Day is a day of celebrating love, be it between lovers or friends. Friends celebrate this day of love by sending lovely text messages, hanging out together and having dinners together. They also gift each other tokens of love and their friendship.

 “This Valentine’s let our friendship grow a fold stronger and be one of the everlasting relationships of our life. Have a fabulous Valentine’s day.”

Valentine Messages for Daughter

Parents also shower Valentine’s Day gifts to their sons and daughters. Be it by cooking favorite dish for daughter or gifting her favorite teddy, Valentine’s Day celebration is special with the daughter.

 “From the day you came into this earth, until now, the person you have evolved fills my heart with much pride and love for you. Have the best Valentine’s day ever.”

Valentine Messages for Teachers

Valentine’s Day can also be celebrated with teachers by gifting cards and presents to the favorite teacher.

 “Have a happy valentines day teacher.  You have been a mentor and a superb guiding star and my love and admiration for you increases with your guidance.”

Happy Valentine Day Messages Pictures, Photos, Images, and Pics

Valentine Day Messages for Wife

Valentine’s Day is a day of celebration of love and companionship. The day celebrated on 14th February every year brings all couples together and make their relationship a sweeter and lovelier commitment to share. Express the love for wife by sending wishes on the special Valentine’s Day. One can also send romantic and cute gifts for the wife to make her feel loved.

 Dear wife, I wish you a happy valentine’s day. Today I cherish your companionship and the love we have shared over the years in a beautiful surprise dinner for both.

Valentine Messages to Aunt

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with aunt means gifts and gifts all around. Aunts’ love gifting their niece and nephews gifts on Valentine’s Day and vice versa.

 “Have a marvelous Valentine’s day Aunt. My love for you has increased another fold today for the bedrock of love and support you have been for me.”

Valentine Day Messages to Mom

Valentine’s Day is also a day of celebrating love for mother. A mother child relationship is special and precious relationship of all. On Valentine’s Day, gifting a moment her favorite thing will cherish the relationship in special way.

 “Have a lovely Valentine’s day dearest mother. I love you till eternity for being there for me always and being the person I could always turn to for anything.”

Valentine Messages to Parents

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with parents is a special thing to do. Be it by cooking the special dish for the parents or baking a sweet cake for them, Valentine’s Day is a day of celebrating the love for parents as well.

 “Have a happy Valentine’s day my loving parents. With each passing day, as you stand beside me showering your love and care, today I shower my love for you on this day of love with this special message send specially for you.”

Valentine Day Messages for Girlfriend

Valentine’s Day is big day of celebration from the girlfriend and boyfriend who take time out to celebrate by a dinner, a romantic walk by the riverside and by gifting each other presents they love.

 “Have a happy Valentine’s day love. With each passing day, let our love gift us endless special moments to cherish and celebrate our love for one another.”

Valentines Day Messages for Boyfriend

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with boyfriend is always special and a romantic moment to remember. Girlfriend and boyfriend always celebrate this day of love by dinners together, long drives to their favorite location and by showering gifts with each other.

 “As we step into the awesome day of love, I wish you lots of love and endless happy moments together for years to come. Have a happy valentine’s day love.” 

Valentine Day Messages for Husband

A husband wife relationship has endless moments of love and on Valentine’s Day it becomes more special to celebrate their love for one another.

 “Have a romantic and lovely valentines day my love. Being married with you is one of the best things that have happened to me and I cherish and treasure our love much preciously than anything else in world.”

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