Sweet Things to Write in a Valentine’s Day Card Messages for New Relationship

Sweet Things to Write in a Valentine's Day Card Messages for New Relationship

Valentine’s day is the time to express your love. It does not matter if you are in a casual relationship or dating for very long time, or you must be in relationship married for many years now. Love never grows old, it grows young with time. Don’t hesitate to express your feelings towards your partner. Write personalized note in your valentine day card and see blushes on your loved ones face. Write sweet things in your card, to keep the relationship going. Avoid sexual comments Let them know how important they are in your life. Let your spouse know how much you love her/him. We have a collection of new relationship card messages and quotes for him and her, also for married couples.

Valentine Messages for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

1). Any moment I am not with you, my eyes are wet with ocean blue. Be mine forever, love me forever.

2). Carved on a high mountain, covered deep in snow, I wrote these words, I love you.

3). I feel complete when I am with you. Your magical spell has cast on my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day dear.

4). God has created you only for me, because he knows no one can love you more than me. Happy Valentine day.

5). You are my sweetheart. I am glad I found you. Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweet valentine.

Husband/Hubby and Wife New Relationship Wishes on Valentine’s Day

6). I always looked for Mr. Perfect as my life partner, and then love happened. Heart has its own reasons for falling in love. Happy Valentine’s Day dear Hubby.

7). It’s amazing that I still get butterflies in my stomach when I see you. My lips smile when I see you and my heart skips a beat when I hear your voice. Happy Valentine’s Day dear husband.

8). I may not be the prettiest girls in the world. But I will surely be the one who will love you the most. Happy Valentine’s Day dear.

9). I have corrected my past, present and future tenses. I loved you, I love you, and I will love you forever. Happy Valentine’s Day.

10). You love has made my world so beautiful. Thank you for being in my beautiful world. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Message for New Relationship

Happy Valentine’s Day to you. May our bond of love that is so new stays the same… beautiful and blessed.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day¸ I pray that we both are always blessed with understanding and love. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

It does not matter how old or new your love is until it is pure and unconditional. Warm wishes on Valentine’s Day.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day¸ I just wish that we stay together for all our lives. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

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