Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

Birthday wishes for Girlfriend

A birthday wish for a girlfriend should be romantic and expressive for the girlfriend to be charmed by it. The birthday wish messages can be sent through text messages or through social networking sites. The birthday wish should love enough to make the girlfriend go crazy and fall in love more. Let us see some of the sample of lovely birthday messages for girlfriend examples to be sent to different people:

Funny Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

Funny birthday wishes makes the girlfriend happy and smiling on her special day. A birthday is a celebration and a day to be filled with happy and cherishing moments.

“Another year passes by, and I have an anti ageing cream for your wrinkles this year. Have a happy birthday love and be your life filled with beautiful moments of fun.”

Birthday Messages for Girlfriend on Birthday Card

Birthday cards are beautiful and have meaningful message of birthday wishes for the girlfriend. The birthday cards are available in different sizes and a lot of designs of cards are available for giving birthday cards to girlfriend.

“Sweetheart, let this birthday is perfect in every way and so be your life with love and happiness all around.”

Birthday Messages for Girlfriend far away

In some relationships the girlfriend and the boyfriend might be from different places and staying far away. As such, a text message or a special birthday wish through social networking sites is a best option.

”Have a happy birthday love. Though we are far away from each other, I am sending my love for you and happiness wishes on your birthday through this special message only for you.”

21st Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

Turning 21 years is special as it is the beginning step of being in twenties. As such, the girlfriend celebrates in a grand way with her boyfriend, friends and family.

“As you turn 21 today, I wish you a happy birthday and good luck and love all around throughout the twenty first years and also the whole of twenties of your life.”

Heart Touching Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

Heart touching wishes is emotional and they make a person feel much more special. The heart touching birthday wishes are romantic and beautiful.

“On this special day of yours, in addition to wishing you a happy birthday I want to tell you how much I love you. I love you more than anything else in the world and want to be with you together till eternity.”

First Birthday Message for Girlfriend

Send first birthday wishes for the girlfriend through texts and make her feel special. The wishes sent to her on the completion of a year of the love relationship would express the love feelings the sender has for her. One can also send gifts for the girlfriend along with the wishes. The first birthday celebration is a special one and the celebration becomes a grand one with surprises for the girlfriend.

“Dear girlfriend, I wish you a happy first birthday. It’s been the completion of a year of our relationship and I send my love and gifts for you on your birthday celebration.”

Romantic Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

Romantic birthday wishes express the love of the sender for the girlfriend and makes her feel much more loved and special. Romantic wishes can also be sent through a video clip in a DVD where the sender can express the love for the girlfriend as well as wish her on her birthday through the clip.

“Wish you a marvelous birthday today. May your birthday be so beautiful like you? I am very lucky to have you love.”

Birthday Message for Girlfriend Long Distance

Sometimes the girlfriend in a relationship has to stay in another place maybe due to office location, for studies or any other reason. As such, the relationship is a long distance relationship between the girlfriend and the boyfriend.

“Though I am not with you, I wish you lots of happiness and cherishing moments on your birthday and always. Have a happy birthday.”

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