Kissing Day Status and Kiss Day Messages For Whatsapp

Kissing Day Status, Kiss Day Whatsapp Messages

Make it a special day with Kissing Day messages because it is International Kissing Day on July 6th. This day is all about kissing your loved ones and you must celebrate it with the beautiful International Kissing Day messages and Kissing Day status to share on your wall. Don’t miss on the chance to share Kiss Day WhatsApp status messages for girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife and friends.

You have to look no further as we have compiled a collection of Kissing Day status for you. You can use these Kissing Day WhatsApp status to make it a beautiful day for your loved ones by sharing these Kissing Day status messages for WhatsApp and Facebook.

Kissing Day Status

“I wish I could come to you and kiss you because it is a very Happy Kissing Day.”

“On the occasion of International Kissing Day, I am sending my kisses to someone I love the most.”

“Kiss is the way of expressing how much you love a person. Happy Kissing Day to you my love.”

“There is something magical about your kisses that I always crave for more. Happy Kissing Day love.”

“All the feelings in have in my heart, I will my kisses express them to you. Happy Kissing Day.”

Kissing Day Whatsapp Status

“To someone who means the world to me, I am sending Happy International Kissing Day greetings.”

“Kisses are the most beautiful way to tell someone special how special he or she is.”

“If you love me then never stop kissing me. A very Happy International Kissing Day.”

“Kisses are not suppose to be kept to yourself, they are suppose to be given to those you love.”

“A kiss has the power to melt even the toughest of the hearts. Happy Kissing Day my love.”

Kissing Day Status Messages For Whatsapp

“There is only one way I wish to celebrate Kissing Day and that is by showering you with lots of them.”

“I wish you never run out of kisses to love me. Wishing you a very Happy Kissing Day darling.”

“The way your kisses make me feel is something I cannot express in words. Happy Kissing Day.”

“Kisses are the sugar to every relationship. Keep adding more to keep it sweet.”

“There is nothing like enough kisses because they are never enough. Happy Kissing Day.”

Kiss Day Status for Whatsapp

“You live longer and healthier when you kiss the people you love. Happy Kissing Day.”

“If you want to be happy and want to keep your stress levels low, don’t forget to kiss.”

“When words tend to fail, kisses have the power to do the talking the most beautiful way.”

“I just don’t want to stop kissing you because it is International Kissing Day.”

“Kiss me and I will kiss you back. A very Happy Kissing Day to someone special.”

Kiss Day Status for Girlfriend

“Wishing a very Happy Kissing Day to my girlfriend. Let me have the pleasure to shower you with some kisses on this day.”

“I promise to never run out of kisses for you my love. Happy Kissing Day to you.”

“International Kissing Day gives me another opportunity to kiss my girlfriend.”

Kiss Day Status for Boyfriend

“Kisses are to be earned and I must tell you, you have earned them all. Happy Kissing Day.”

“Whether you steal a kiss or you earn it, it doesn’t really make a different. Happy Kissing Day.”

“Wishing a very Happy Kissing Day to my boyfriend. Don’t miss this chance to get some more kisses.”

Kiss Day Status for Wife

“Happy Kissing Day to my wife. Today I can kiss you without listening to your reasons to not kiss you.”

“I want to kiss you every day, every night, every moment because you are my love. Happy Kissing Day.”

“Wishing a very Happy International Kissing Day to my wife whose kisses are pure magic.”

Kiss Day Status for Husband

“A very Happy Kissing Day to my husband. I promise to kiss you each time you will bring a smile to my face.”

“When I am sad or when I am depressed, you can always make me happy with your kisses.”

“Warm wishes on International Kissing Day to the husband who knows how to kiss the best.”

Kiss Day Status for Lover

“A very Happy International Kissing Day to you my love. Let us get lost in each other as we kiss.”

“The most beautiful thing about kissing you is that I forget everything else. Happy Kissing Day.”

“Kissing you always makes me feel alive. Warm wishes on International Kissing Day to my lover.”

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