Funny Valentine’s Day Jokes – Humor Jokes Messages for Your Valentine

Funny Valentine's Day Jokes - Humor Jokes Messages Valentine day One Liners Messages

Valentine’s Day comes once in a year. This is a special occasion to spread love, happiness and joy. Apart from love and happiness, there are many jokes and humor around. These jokes and humor are always remembered all-round the year. Any person who is single, in a relationship or married can enjoy these jokes and feel happy on this day. This is a day to meet people and greet and exchange special Funny Valentine’s Day Jokes, humor jokes and witty text messages with each other. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with your loved ones and have fun.

Valentines Day Funny Jokes and One Liners Messages

1). A very small Valentine is called a Valen-tiny

2). A boy candy said to a girl candy” we must mint with each other”

3). On a valentine day, one magnet said to another magnet” you are very attractive”

4). A candy said “you look hot” to a hot chocolate and hot chocolate said” thank you are very sweet”

5). A man with a broken leg said to the nurse” A have a cruch on you”

6). Two chirpy birds in love are called tweethearts

7). An elephant greeted a girlfriend: “I love you a ton”.

8). A bat wished its girlfriend “ I love to hang out with you”

9). Roses are blue, violets are blue. If she is busy, then the girl next door is yours

10). A whale asks a dolphin: “Whale you be my valentine”…the answer is: “Dolphinately”

11). Shrunks celebrate Valentine ’s Day because they are very scent-imental.

12). A card said to a stamp” Stick with me, I’ll go places”

13). One boat said to another” are you up for a little “row-mance”

14). On a valentine’s day, a vodka for two is cheaper than dinner for two

15). One snake wished another” give me a hug and a hiss”

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