Funny Engagement Messages for Fiance

Funny Engagement Messages for Fiance

Funny engagement wishes for fiancé are humorous wishes and are meant to bring a smile to the face of the fiancé. The funny engagement wishes can be sent through cards where the fiancée can draw a funny picture on the card with the beautiful love note and wishes on it. One can also create a funny video for the fiancé and send the engagement wish with it on a DVD. It would make the fiancé fell much happier and loved by her.

Below are some sample funny engagement messages that you can send to your fiance on your engagement.

1). Our engagement period will be the best time. I don’t know what will happen after we are married. Anyways, Happy engagement, my dear fiance.

2). I was very happy at our engagement but inside my heart I was very sad as you were losing your freedom. Congratulations for our engagement, fiance.

3). You are lucky that you got engaged to me. I don’t think any other girl would get engaged to you. Congratulations dear fiance.

4). Now that we are engaged, I am waiting for the gifts that you will give me for our engagement. Congratulations dear fiance.

5). Thank God, you finally decided to get engaged to me. I was about to say yes to some one else. It’s good that you realized that no other girl would marry you except me. Congratulations on our engagement.

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