Sweet Valentine’s Day Messages, Wishes for Coworkers

Valentine's Day Messages, Wishes for Coworkers - Valentines Colleagues Quotes

Valentine’s Day is on 14th February. This day is considered as lover’s day across the globe. Many workers have admitted that they dated with their co-workers at least once in their career. A lot of romance happen in the office among employees. Co-workers date with each other and express their liking and love for each other. It’s just nice to remember your co-worker and send him/her valentine day messages. You can send gifts, Send quotes, messages and wishes to colleagues at work on Facebook, Whatsapp. Enjoy this Valentine day with your loved colleagues.

Valentines Day Messages for Coworkers

1). I am lucky to work with you. Working with you has been a turning point in my career. Wishing you a very happy valentine day

2). Your vision and hard work motivates me to work hard. Thanks for being a great co-worker. Happy Valentine day.

3). Thanks for helping me and grow in my career. You have been a great co-worker. Happy valentine day.

4). I am honored to work with a co-worker who is so intelligent and self-motivated. Happy valentine day

Valentine’s Day Messages for Colleagues

5). I am thanking all those who have gone out of the way to help me. You are one such person. Happy Valentine day.

6). Sending loving valentine day wishes to a wonderful person like you. Thanks for being a great colleague

7). Our project has seen successful because of some great colleagues like you. Let’s celebrate our success on this Valentine’s day. Happy Valentine’s day

8). May This Valentine’s day fill your heart with romance and love. Happy Valentine’s day

Valentines Thank you Messages, Quotes for Colleagues

9). As long as great colleagues like you are there, it does not matter if the computer, printer, scanner is down. Thanks for being with me always. Happy Valentine day

10). Thanks for being backbone of the team, brain behind every critical projects. Happy Valentine day.

11). I don’t have to worry about year end review or monthly review when I am backed up by some great colleagues. Happy Valentine day.

12). Colleagues like you are great to work with and easily approachable. Happy Valentine’s day.

Funny Valentines Day Messages for Coworkers

13). The person who makes many dates on this valentine day is the delivery guy. Happy Valentine day to all.

14). I just wish that I don’t run into my Ex with my new valentine. Happy Valentine’s day

15). If you are single on this Valentine, you are rich, otherwise you would spend few hundred dollars for this Valentine.

16). Love is priceless, but all other tags have a price tag. Happy Valentine day.

Funny Valentine Messages for Kids
A small Valentine is called a Valen”tiny”. Happy Valentine day kids

Funny Valentine Messages for Friends
May you have a romantic valentine beside you, a glass of wine in your hand and credit card full of money this year. Happy Valentine day.

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