Happy Kick Day Messages | Kick Day Wishes, Quotes 2024

Happy Kick Day Messages, Kick Day Images Wishes Quotes

February 16th is celebrated as Kick Day. This anti-Valentine’s Day is celebrated by youngsters will great enthusiasm. This is day to kick out the one from your relationship who doesn’t deserve to be in it. Share funny kick day messages and Images, Kick Day quotes and Kick Day wishes with your friends and dear ones.

Wonderful collection of Happy Kick Day messages and Kick Day images 2024 to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Share these lovely Kick Day status for WhatsApp and Facebook and funny messages that are best way to end a bad relationship.

2024 Anti-Valentine Week List – 15th February to 21st February

Anit-Valentine’s Week List 2024 Date
Slap Day Messages 15th February, 2024
Kick Day Messages 16th February, 2024
Perfume Day Messages 17th February, 2024
Flirt Day Messages 18th February, 2024
Confession Day Messages 19th February, 2024
Missing Day Messages 20th February, 2024
Breakup Day Messages 21st February, 2024

Happy Kick Day Wishes

Wish your dearest friends on Kick Day with best of wishes. Enjoy these wonderful funny Kick Day messages to throw someone out of your life or simply share a good laugh with the ones you love.

“The best way to make this day a memorable on for the both of us is by giving a hard kick on your back…. Best wishes on Kick Day to you.”

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“Kick Day reminds us that it is the best day to throw away all the trash from our lives and start fresh…. Use your kick to sort things out.”

“When nothing changes even after putting in all the time and efforts, it is very clear that only a kick can bring the desired change…. Happy Kick Day.”

“Just wanted to wish you Happy Kick Day because for me you are no longer a part of my life.”

Kick Day Messages/ Wishes 2024

Put an end to a relationship that was all about sufferings and pain on Kick Day. Use these funny Kick Day messages and Kick Day Wishes which make a worthy share with someone you want to end it all.

“This is not going to be the end of something good but a start of something really nice…. Happy Kick Day.”

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“Kick Day gives you a chance to put an end to your problems and give yourself a second chance.”

“I am going to grab this chance to give my life a second change by kicking you out of my life…. Have a Happy Kick Day.”

“I will make sure that you will always remember this day as Kick Day because I am going to kick you on your teeth.”

Kick Day Quotes and Sayings

Use these Kick Day quotes and inspirational sayings to share with someone who has been a part of a dreadful relationship. Motivate that dear one by sharing these Kick Day sayings that will infuse new energy in them.

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“The easiest and simplest way to say goodbye to a bad relationship is by giving it a kick on Kick Day.”

“Take things as they are….. Go for a punch when a punch is needed and go for a kick when a kick is needed.”

“Sometimes all you need is a kick to sort your life in the easiest way possible.”

“Kick is something that can straighten up lots of things in your life and have you start it all fresh.”

Kick Day Whatsapp Status, Whatsapp Messages

Put up these Kick Day WhatsApp and Facebook status messages on your walls to get the attention of your loved ones on Kick Day. Celebrate this day by wishing everyone on this day with a positive and inspiring thought.

“It is never too late to kick out the person of your life who is the reason for all the pain.”

“Kick Day is a day for the courageous to put an end to a relationship that was all about negativities.”

“Just by kicking bad things off your life, you can stay happy and positive….. Happy Kick Day.”

“Never hesitate in kicking off someone who doesn’t deserve you and your love because it is the best thing to do.”

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