Funny Flirty Text Messages for Husband

Funny flirty messages to husband:

The flirty funny messages for husband are humorous and have flirty tones words for husband. The wishes can be sent through text messages have funny quotes and smileys for the loving husband. The wife can also send gifts for hubby to make him feel good. The flirty notes let the husband know how much his wife likes him.

Following are best samples of funny flirty text messages to husband:

1). Sweet husband, I hope you have m birthday gift ready and I would expect such a loving husband like you to gift me something much precious. I wish you a good day.

2). Lovely husband, a handsome man like you would definitely treat me to a big surprise today as you promised. I hope you remember that today is the day.

3). Cute husband, wishing you a good day and I hope you have the beautiful dress of mine delivered at home for the evening. After all such a good husband would definitely do that for me.

4). Lovely husband, through this text I send good wishes for your day. I hope you have shed that paunch you have built up in your stomach and have become the handsomest person around.

5). Dear husband, I send you love and hearty wishes for the day. I hope you remember that today you owe me a big party as a surprise to my wining the last bet.

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