Funny Quit Smoking Quotes and Stop Smoking Messages

Funny Quit Smoking Quotes, Stop Smoking Messages Images

Smoking is a serious issue and having someone to quit smoking with humorous stop smoking quotes sayings and stop smoking quotes funny is a wonderful idea. Share with your family and friends these funny quit smoking quotes and stop smoking quotes saying.

Best collection of funny stop smoking messages, cool smoking quotes and
World No Tobacco Day Messages that are a great way of inspiring people to quit smoking.

Funny Quit Smoking Quotes

“Today just might be the best day to start seriously thinking about quitting smoking.”- Alexander Woollcott

“Every time you try to quit smoking you are actually getting closer to staying smoke free.”- Henry Ford

“Smoking is one of the leading causes of all statistics.“- Liza Minnelli

“Smoking is just like farting with the poisonous elements.”- Skai Chan

“Quitting smoking is rather a marathon than a sprint. It is not a one-time attempt, but a longer effort.”- Aristotle

Stop Smoking Funny Messages

“It is very strange that you yourself are so much interested in having an unhealthy body and a difficult life…. Quit smoking for happier days.”

“Life is too precious and too short to smoke cigarettes….. So quit smoking and welcome a happy and fun life.”

“Those who smoke smell bad and those who smell bad are never liked by anyone….. So give up on smoking and live your life with fragrance around.”

“If you really love yourself and your life and loved ones then you will never smoke because smoking kills.”

“Smoking is a poison which kills you slowly and have others laugh at you….. Quit smoking for a fun life.”

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