Few Lines on Anti Tobacco Day, Anti Tobacco Slogans, Messages

lines on Anti Tobacco Day, Anti Tobacco Slogans

When it comes to tobacco, it is extremely important to make everyone aware of its ill effects and what’s better than May 31st because it is World No Tobacco Day. Make it a significant day by sharing inspiring lines on Anti Tobacco Day. Along with World No Tobacco Day messages, share World No Tobacco Day slogans and lines for Tobacco Day to bring awareness amongst everyone.

Here is the collection of best lines for World no Tobacco Day. These are the newest and the most powerful lines to share on World No Tobacco Day Status Messages on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram to wish everyone.

Few Lines on Anti Tobacco Day

Stay away from tobacco and you are going to stay happy and healthy.

Let us fulfil the purpose of Anti Tobacco Day by spreading word on harmful effects on tobacco.

Cigarettes and tobacco have done enough damage to mankind. Let us put an end to it.

If you want to respect this life you have got, you must quit tobacco.

World No Tobacco Day is a reminder to us to give up on tobacco for a better life.

Smoke is not we want in our future. Health and happiness are what we desire.

Tobacco is the slow poison that is killing many of us. Let us stop this.

The best way to celebrate World No Tobacco Day is by throwing it away from our lives.

We get only one life and we must not let tobacco lead it or destroy it.

Tobacco is not the way of life but it is the way of putting an end to this life.

Tobacco has taken many lives and its time that we put an end to the existence of tobacco.

World No Tobacco Day motivates us to celebrate life and to quit tobacco.

Tobacco has never brought any happiness to anyone but has brought many sorrows.

Lead your life your way, don’t let tobacco guide you and your life. Quit it now!!

We are blessed to have this life and let us not let it get ruined because of tobacco.

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