Great American Smokeout Messages, Slogans and Quotes

Great American Smokeout Messages, Anti-smoking Slogans

We all know how injurious smoking is for us and Great American Smokeout is an event by The American Cancer Society which motivates everyone to begin a journey towards a life that is free from smoking. This day is celebrated every year on third Thursday every year. Celebrate this unique day with Great American Smokeout slogans and Great American Smokeout messages to share with family and friends. Inspire them to quit smoking with anti-smoking slogans and no smoking slogans in English that have the power to impact every mind.

Here is the latest collection of Great American Smokeout messages and Great American Smokeout quotes. Share these funny smoking slogans to have a smoke free life.

Great American Smokeout Messages

“Warm wishes on Great American Smokeout to you. Always remember what you are doing to your health, every time you pick a cigarette. “

“Smoking is not just harmful for your own health but it is equally harmful for your loved ones and their lives. Happy Great American Smokeout.”

“Great American Smokeout reminds us all that there is nothing cool about smoking and therefore, we must give up this bad habit that destroys us each day.”

“With smoking, you can only leave your future generations with an unhealthy environment to live in. Quick smoking on Great American Smokeout.”

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Great American Smokeout Quotes

“It might seem difficult to give up smoking but it is all about how strong your will power is and how much you love this life. Happy Great American Smokeout.”

“Great American Smokeout encourages us, supports us and guides us in this journey of quitting smoking. Believe in yourself and you can quit smoking.”

“Smoking has many harmful effects on your life, your health along with the life and health of your loved ones. Great American Smokeout reminds you to quit smoking for your loved ones.”

“Smoking is the worst thing to include in your lifestyle and best thing to quit for a better life. Warm wishes on Great American Smokeout.”

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Great American Smokeout Slogans

Celebrate the special occasion of Great American Smokeout with the most powerful anti-smoking slogans in English and Great American Smokeout slogans that inspire you in every way to quit smoking.

Quit smoking or die with cancer each day.

Don’t let the cigarette burn your life.

Life is precious and smoking is dangerous.

Life and smoking can never go hand in hand.

By quitting smoking, you show the world your strength.

Don’t spoil the air for our generations to come.

Smoking is taking yourself closer to death each day.

Cancer is the only cure for smoking.

Your lungs don’t deserve tar.

Either you stop smoking or cancer will make sure that you do.

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