No Smoking Day Slogans in English and Hindi | Tobacco Slogans

No smoking Day Slogans in English, Hindi Tobacco Slogans

We all know how injurious smoking is for health. No Smoking Day is celebrated every year on March 13th with an intention to encourage those who want to quit smoking. No Smoking Day slogans and No Tobacco slogans are perfect to share on this day. Share motivational anti-smoking slogans, No Smoking Day slogans with your family and friends.

There is a huge collection of No Smoking Day slogans, No Smoking Day messages, Tobacco Slogans, anti tobacco slogans in english. Positive quit smoking slogans in English and Hindi and motivational anti-smoking day slogans, World No Tobacco Day Messages to share on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, pinterest, twitter.

Best No Smoking Day Slogans in English

“Smoking is the slow poison which eats your body slowly from inside.”

“Don’t smoke…. It is bad for you and also for the ones around you.”

“Life is precious…. Keep it safe… Keep it away from tobacco.”

“There are so many wonderful things to do in life, don’t miss on them because of smoking.”

“Leave tobacco before it destroys the happiness in your life.”

“Tobacco is a killer…. Don’t let is kill you.”

“Value life… Quit smoking…. Stay healthy.”

Life is beautiful and without smoking, it is even more beautiful.”

“Don’t give the keys of your life in the hands of smoking.”

“If you love yourself then you cannot love smoking.”

“If you want to burn something the burn calories and not cigarettes.”

“If you smoke then you definitely don’t love yourself.”

“Don’t let your life shorten and diseases strengthen…. Quit smoking.”

“If you want to live happy and healthy then say no to smoking.”

“Saying no to smoking is saying yes to life.”

No Smoking Day Slogans in Hindi

“Jo Jeevan se pyaar karta hai, khud se pyaar karta hai, wo smoking se nafrat karta hai.”

“Bhagwan ne yeh sundar Jeevan jene ke liye diya hai, smoking ke liye nahi.”

“Smoking chodna mushkil hai, namumkin nahi.”

“Jo cigarette ka Ghulam hua, uska Jeevan dukh aur dard se bhar gaya.”

“Zindagi se pyaa karo, cigarettes se nahin!!!”

No Smoking Posters with Slogans in English

Smoking has killed many.

Smoking has the potential to ruin many lives.

The world is a better place without smoking.

Never let smoking affect your life.

Those who smoke are on a life threatening track.

Funny Smoking Slogans

Smoking can shorten the life by many years.

The sad thing is that there is nothing cool about smoking.

If you think there is something good about smoking then you are wrong.

It is weird that people know smoking can kill and they still smoke.

Smoking is not the answer to problems.

Slogan on Tobacco in English

Tobacco is a big threat to life.

Don’t shorten your life by consuming tobacco.

There is nothing good about tobacco.

It can kill you… Say no to tobacco.

Life is much better when you take out tobacco from it.

Catchy Anti Smoking Slogans

Saying no to smoking is the best thing to do.

No smoking is the right stance to take.

Those who smoke are the ones who are ruining their lives.

Don’t let the smoke kill your future.

If you love yourself or your loved ones, say no to smoking.

No Smoking Slogans For Students

There is so much to do then why smoke.

Smoke makes everything look clouded.

Students should study and not smoke.

Do not fall for smoking.

Focus on your studies and say no to smoking.

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