Inspirational No Smoking Day Messages and Quotes: Motivation to Quit Smoking

Inspirational No Smoking Day Messages and Quotes Motivation Quit Smoking

Smoking is a very bad habit and eventually, it becomes an addiction.  It’s better to give u this habit before it becomes an addiction. Your lungs and the respiratory system gets affected due to smoking. Apart from this, smoking affects passive smokers too. National No smoking day is to create awareness among people about the harmful effects of smoking and motivate smokers to give up smoking. National No Smoking Day is an annual health awareness day was initially observed in the United Kingdom on Ash Wednesday in 1984 and now it is observed on the second Wednesday on March 14, 2018, in India. Send these quit smoking Wishes messages or no smoking day Quotes to everyone and spread awareness.

Inspirational No Smoking Day Messages

1). A smile looks beautiful on your lips than a cigarette. Stay beautiful always

2). Smoking drains and kills. Exercise builds and makes you live.

3). Instead of regretting that ”I wish I had quit smoking” be proud by telling yourself” I am glad, I quit smoking”.

4). Your life is not cheaper than a cheap nicotine. Realize the importance of your life.

5). Kick the cigarette butt, don’t get kicked by life.

Congratulations for Quitting Smoking Quotes

6). Congratulations on quitting smoking. Appreciate your willpower.

7). Congrats! You have learned to love yourself.

8). Losers never quit. Quitters never smoke. Congratulations on quitting smoking

9). You are amazing, just loved your motivation to quit smoking. Congratulations!

10). Congratulations! You are free to breathe fresh air.

Stop Smoking Quotes Sayings

11). As the cigarette gets reduced to ashes while emitting smoke, you reduce your lifespan to turn to ask very soon. Stop smoking

12). As the cigarette reduces while burning itself, you are reducing four days every year while burning a cigarette. Stop smoking

13). Save your lungs, quit smoking

14). Don’t let your life float in smoke. Stop smoking

15). Smoking kills, be a killer by killing smoking. Stop smoking

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