10+ Heart Touching Valentine Day Messages for one sided love

Valentine Day Messages for one sided love

Not everyone is lucky enough to fall in love and not everyone is lucky to find love in the one he loves. One sided love does make you feel happy that you are in love but it also makes you feel sad that the person you love, doesn’t have same feelings for you. Share quotes about one sided love relationships with him or her. Express it all with one sided love messages and Valentine Day Messages for lover. Send across the unique Valentine Day Wishes Messages drafted for one sided lovers.

Here is the collection of Valentine Day Messages for one sided love. Have the beautiful one side love messages and one sided love quotes in Hindi shared with them.

Romantic Valentine Day Messages for One Sided Love Quotes

1. I was born to love you and that I all I intend to do.

2. Love doesn’t happen for a reason but it surely doesn’t happen for some reasons.

3. I was born again in this world because of your love and I also died because of your love.

4. I think the life is going to go thinking that what you will start loving me or when I will stop loving you.

5. I love to dream because only in dreams you are mine.

6. The best thing is to fall in love and the next best is to fall in love with someone who doesn’t love you.

7. So many times I have tried to hate you but every time I have fallen for you.

8. When you fall for someone who does not fall for you is like trying to touch the skies with broken wing.

9. The one I love the most is also the one who ignores me the most.

10. It is very hard to wait for someone who you know is never going to fall for you but it is much harder to give up because this is all you want.

11. Love is not always a fairytale with a happy ending but sometimes it is just one sided.

12. Not everyone is fortunate enough to fall in love and find love. Some are fortunate enough just to fall in love.

13. You always come and take my heart with you and I am left with hopes that I know are not going to get fulfilled.

14. It is very strange how a person can break all your heart and you still keep loving them with all your feelings.

15. When you love someone a lot more than they deserve, you also end up hurting yourself more than you deserve.

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