Sad Break up Messages to a Loved One

Sad Break up Messages to a Loved One

The sad break up messages to a loved one expresses how much sad is the sender over the break up. The wishes can be sent through text messages to the person and notes for the person can also be sent. One can also send gifts for the loved one along with the wishes to make him or her feel good.

Sad break up messages expresses the sad feelings to the loved one. Here are some sample best sad messages that can be sent to your loved one.

1). It’s sad to know that we have come to a mutual decision of breaking our relationship. It will be painful but time will heal everything. Goodbye!!

2). Saying goodbye to you, the one whom I loved so much is difficult. I never thought you to do such a thing. But now I cannot carry on a relationship with you.

3). Every moment that we spent together will always be remembered by me. I don’t have any bad feeling for you but you very well know the reason why I have decided to break our relationship. Goodbye!

4). I am breaking up with you. Our relationship will die but I will always cherish the love we shared. I hope you accept this fact without much grief.

5). I never wanted this relationship to die so soon. But there is no other option left. I hope you accept this personal decision of mine to break our relationship.

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  • Nonzuzo April 4, 2017, 7:48 am

    Wow break up i think is not a good solution