Sad Break up Messages to Husband

Sad Break up Messages to Husband

The sad break up messages to the husband are sent through text messages and lets the husband knows how much the wife is sad over the break up. The wishes can be sent along with gifts to lessen the grief of the husband about the break up. Sad break up messages is sent by wife to her husband expressing her feelings for the ending relationship.

Given below are some of the text messages that you can send to your husband.

1). This is to let you know that our married relationship has come to an end. I am very sad with this breakup but I will cope up with it and hope that you also pass off this phase soon.

2). I never imagined that we would reach such a point in life. We were so happy with each other. But now with a heavy heart I want to let you know that our relationship has ended.

3). It is very sad that we both couldn’t save our married relationship. I always believed in you and tried harder to make our marriage work but maybe this had to happen.

4). I shared the first and only relationship of my life with you, husband. It’s sad to know that you were not committed to me as I was. I was not the only woman in your life. Through this message I want to let you know that we are no longer together.

5). Time heals all the wounds. But I don’t think I will ever be able to forget this breakup with you, my husband. That bitter truth I heard from you is something I will never forget. Just want to let you know that it’s the end to our married relationship.

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