Relationships Break Up Messages to Husband

Relationships Break Up Messages to Husband

The best relationship break up messages for the husband lets him know about the ending of the married relationship between the husband and the wife. The wishes which are sent through text messages can be sent along with notes or gifts for the husband to lessen his sadness.

These messages are sent to let your husband know about the relationship that has ended. Given below are sample text messages that you can send to your husband.

1). Our relationship cannot be fixed now. We never expected this to happen. I would just like you to know that it was our mutual decision to end our relationship here.

2). I was fully in love with you until yesterday and today my heart is full of hatred for you. I never expected you to behave in such a way. Our relationship has ended and you very well know the reason why.

3). I broke off my relationship with my dear ones to be with you. And you left me alone for someone else. This is what I had never imagined in my life. There’s nothing left in our relationship.

4). I think we need to end our relationship here. You know its not working. Let’s give some time and space to each other. Maybe this is the right thing to do at this moment.

5). We really had a good time together. But life has its up and downs. The fight that we had yesterday has made me feel that this was not what I wanted in our relationship. Its better that we end up here.

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