Cute Holi Wishes, Quotes & Messages For Husband

romantic holi messages for husband

Send a beautiful Holi message to your husband and express your colors of love to him. Holi is the festival of color and celebrating Holi with your husband gives you the utmost joy that you desire. Through the words, present your true emotion to him and let the color flow in your message. Your loving Holi wishes messages makes him feel special and make your relationship stronger.

To give you some message ideas, here we present a nice collection of Holi messages for your husband. Give your best wishes through the words.

Romantic Holi Wishes, Quotes & Messages For Husband

1. You are a color which completes my life in true sense. I would have been incomplete without you. Happy Holi dear husband

2. Our life is blessed with beautiful colors that bring happiness to our life. Happy Holi dear Husband

3. Red for passion, yellow for our friendship and pink for romance. Lets celebrate this Holi with these beautiful colors that add beautiful emotions in our life.

4. You are that one color which completes my life in every sense…. You are that one color without which the painting of my life would be incomplete…. You are that one color which always makes me smile… Wishing you a vibrant and cheerful Happy Holi my darling.

5. Dearest hubby, may our lives are blessed with beautiful colors of life that bring happiness to us. On this festival of colors, I pray for your success and joy. Happy Holi to you my love.

6. Red is for love, green is for happiness and pink is for romance. Let all these colors brighten our lives forever. Wishing you a colorful and romantic Holi. Happy Holi my dearest husband.

7. Being with you makes my life colorful and gives me the brightest color to shine my way. When you are around me, the world seems the mingling colors of place, red, yellow, green and so on. I wish each day of our life will be colorful like Holi. Happy Holi my dear.

8. You sprinkle colors in my life and make it complete. Without you I am nothing, just like Holi without color. Always be with me and paint colorful dreams of our future together. I love you and don’t let me go. Happy Holi.

9. When you take me in your arms, I feel the color of love, when you dry out my tears, I feel the color of friendship, when you share your joy and pain, I feel the bright color of caring. My Holi is all about you. Happy Holi.

10. Each color tells some stories of us; red reminds me the days of our love, blue reminds the smiling moments of together and so on. I wish I always enjoy all the colors with you in my life. I love you and be with me together forever. Happy Holi.

11. World seems beautiful because of you. You are with me, life is perfect and colorful. Don’t let the colors fade, because it is the colors of our love and happiness. I made beautiful memories with you and I want to spend the rest of my life only with you. Happy Holi.

12. Let’s enjoy the rainbow shower together; the red, green, blue, yellow and so on, let them in and lock it. It is the color of our yesterday, today and tomorrow. I love you. Happy Holi.

13. To my dearest husband, who is the rainbow to my life…. wishing you a very Happy Holi…. May your life is blessed with vibrant colors of happiness and success, romance and prosperity…. With lots of love, a happy holi to you my love!!!

14. I wish to shower you with all the colors, just the way I shower you with my love….. I wish to sprinkle and splash water on you just the way I do it with my hugs and kisses…. To my darling husband, who is better than the best, wishing you a very Happy Holi my love.

15. With you around, every day is special…. Every Holi is more colorful, more cheerful and more energetic…. With you this festival of colors becomes a much happier occasion for me because you are the sunshine to my life…. Happy Holi to you my hubby!!!

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