Romantic Text Messages

Romantic Messages

Sweet Romantic messages are written and sent by people in love to one another. These messages can be well versed poems or text in beautiful expressive ways. One can also send messages through social networking sites to the person.  Romance is what keeps a relationship going. Romance is the love and the emotion of attraction and being in love with another. Let us see some of the sample of cute romantic messages sent to different people:

Romantic Messages for Her

Romance between a boy and a girl takes the relationship from a mere friendship into what is called a love relationship. This feeling of romance is very special and is cherished by all lovers.

“Like the ocean vast and deep, my love for you is there like the ocean with endless romantic moments we shared and expressions of love stored inside.”

Romantic Messages for Him

Romance is a feeling of emotion which makes the couple in love do anything for one another. For the couple in love, the world seems suddenly brighter and beautiful and the emotion called love has a new meaning in life.

“Our romance is what has made you the most special person of my life and our love has transcend barriers and brought us together to this special moment. Love you always.”

Romantic Messages for Girlfriend

A girlfriend and a boyfriend shared many moments of romance in their relationship. Being in love and romancing each other also involves care and concern for another.

“Love is thrilling, love is exciting, romance is deep and our relationship is fulfilling. Let this romantic moment be there always for us to cherish it.”

Romantic Messages for Wife

A husband wife relationship enjoys many romantic moments in their life. It may be celebration moments of their love through the loving care their shower on each other or the special romantic dinner they have together.

“Let our romance give us more moments of enjoying and celebrating our love for another as we step into another fulfilling year of our romantic relationship.”

Romantic Messages for Husband

Sweet romantic moments between a wife and a husband are what they cherish and which keeps their love and their relationship going strong even after years of their marriage.

“Wife, you are the one and only special person I have romanced in life and you have given me endless beautiful moments in my life to cherish. I love you deep like never before.”

Romantic Messages for First Anniversary

A first year anniversary of a relationship or a wedding is special as the couple completes a year of togetherness and share a deep emotional bond with one another. The romantic wishes for the first anniversary can be sent with attractive gifts to show the love one has for the other. One can also send love notes along with the wishes. The romantic words would touch the heart of the person and make him or her feel loved.

“Dear boyfriend, I send heartiest wishes for the first anniversary celebration. Your support and love has made our relationship much deep and I hope it remains this way forever.”

Romantic Messages for Boyfriend

Sweet moments like a romantic dinner or a walk together are enough for a girlfriend and a boyfriend to celebrate and cherish their love together.

“Like the river meeting the ocean, my love for you brings me to you always for sharing the special moments we have always.”

Romantic Messages for Flowers

Giving flowers to one another is also a way of cherishing the romance of a couple. Short and sweet moments like these are a way of celebrating the romance in their bonding.

“Like the flowers paint your room with their bright colors, our love has also painted my life in bright colors. I have cherished our love and the moments spent with you now and always.”

Romantic Messages for Friends

Romance in friendship is a much closer friendship though not the way a love relationship is. Romance in friendship makes the friendship much closer and strong.

“Let our friendship be much strong with our romance and everlasting. You have been a true friend for all these years and my admiration for you have grown tenfold.”

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