Romantic Messages for Friends

Friends Romantic Messages

Friends are an important part and parcel of life. It is with the company of friends that time passes swiftly by having fun together. Friends are there for each other anytime and at any situation. The romantic wishes for the friends can be sent through text messages for them. The wishes express the love and care one has for friends. The wishes also makes the friends realize the amount of love and concern the sender has for them. The wishes can be sent with cute gifts for the friends. Some of the samples of romantic messages for friends sent in different ways are given below:

Romantic Good Morning Messages for Friends

Friends send good morning wishes to one another to make them feel happy and good. The wishes express the love the sender has for the friends as well as wishes them for a good morning. The wishes can be sent with beautiful morning gifts for the friends and can be sent through text messages.

“To my friend, I send you good morning wish and wish you have a fabulous start to the morning and the day. You are much special to me and your love and care has been one of the important pillars of our friendship.”

Romantic Good Night Messages for Friends

The romantic good night wishes are sent before one retires for the day. The wishes can be sent through text messages along with gifts for the friends. The best wishes expresses the good night wishes to the friends as well make him or her know about the love feelings of the sender for them.

“Friend, I send you good night wish and wish you have a good night’s sleep with lovely dreams of happiness filled moments. You are very special and good and I am lucky to have a lovely friend like you.”

Romantic Christmas Messages for Friends

Romantic Christmas messages for the friends are sent during Christmas to wish him or her for a happy Christmas celebration. Often during Christmas, friends join together to celebrate and make merry as well as have Christmas feast together. As such, the sweet romantic wishes are sent through text messages to convey the love and care of the sender for the cute friend as well as wish for Christmas. The wishes can also be sent with lovely gifts of the friend’s choice.

“For my friend, I send you merry Christmas celebration wishes and hope you have a wonderful celebration of feasting and merry making this Christmas. Your love and concern for me makes my life and our friendship more wonderful. Thanks for being there always.”

Sample Miscellaneous romantic messages for friends:

“Dear friend, I wish you a merry Christmas celebration and hope our friendship remains this stronger and lovelier always. I am very lucky to have you as a friend.”

“Through this text message, I wish you a good night sleep filled with lovely dreams. You are much special a friend for me and our friendship will always remain this much stronger dear.”

Friend, I wish you a good morning and wish your morning and the day be filled with numerous happiness and love filled moments to make you feel cheerful. You are very sweet and a good friend of mine.”

Dear lovely friend, I wish you a good morning and a better start to this lovely day. Like the love and care you have for me, I wish your life be filled with love always.”

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