Romantic Good Night Messages for Friends

Romantic good night messages for friends

The romantic good night wishes are sent before one retires for the day. The wishes can be sent through text messages along with gifts for the friends. The best wishes expresses the good night wishes to the friends as well make him or her know about the love feelings of the sender for them.

Following are good samples of romantic good night messages to send to friends with love:

1). I wish my dear friend a good night as you prepare to sleep into a beautiful dream. I wish you have cherished moments of love visions in your dream spent with your lady love on your birthday.

2). Good night wishes for my friend sent through this text. I hope you have a good night sleep and be always happy spreading the love and care for everyone throughout your day.

3). Through this text, I wish my friend a good night sleep with cheerful dreams. The love you share with me would come to your dreams in form of memories of the sweet moments we spend together.

4). Beautiful good night wishes for my lovely friend. You are a sweetheart and I am much happy to have you as my true soul mate and share my love and care for you.

5). To dear friend, I wish you a good night through this text and send beautiful gifts for you. I hope the treasured gift would always remind you of the love we have for each other forever.

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