Romantic Messages for Girlfriend

Romantic text Messages for Girlfriend

In a relationship, the boyfriend sends romantic quotes and love notes for the girlfriend to make her feel loved. The romantic wishes for the girlfriend are sent by the boyfriend through text messages. The wishes express the love of the boyfriend for her. The wishes also let the girlfriend know how much the boyfriend loves her. The wishes can be sent along with beautiful gifts of the nice girlfriend’s choice to make her feel good. Some of the samples of romantic messages for girlfriend sent in different ways are given below:

Romantic Messages for Girlfriend in the Morning

A girlfriend loves to receive love notes and best romantic wishes from her boyfriend as it makes her day more special and beautiful. The romantic wishes can be sent by the boyfriend through funny text messages early in the morning and he can also send gifts of the girlfriend’s choice to make her happier.

“For my sweet and loving girlfriend, I send you lovely wishes for a beautiful morning and wish you day becomes brighter and be filled with a thousand opportunities to make you feel good about the day. I wish you a good morning dear and your day is as lovely as your love for me.’

Sorry Romantic Messages for Girlfriend

Sorry romantic wishes are sent to ask for any apology for any wrong deed done by the cute boyfriend. The wishes can be sent through text messages on new year for the girlfriend and would make her heart melt to forgive the boyfriend for his mistake. The short wishes also express the love feelings of the boyfriend he has for her.

“Dear girlfriend, I am sorry that I hurt you today in the morning by making fun of you in front of everybody. I am too ashamed and sorry for my deed and ask you to forgive me. Your love has filled my heart with utmost realization of my mistake dear.”

Romantic Messages for Ex Girlfriend

The romantic wishes for the ex girlfriend are sent through text messages. An ex girlfriend is one with whom one was in a romantic relationship earlier. The wishes for the ex girlfriend can be sent to share the feelings of love the ex boyfriend may have still for the girl. The wishes can be sent along with gifts for the girl.

“For my lovely ex girlfriend, I send you all my love and care for your lovely day. Your love and being you by my side have always made my life more beautiful and I want you back in my life in the same way to fill it with love again.”

Sample Miscellaneous romantic messages for girlfriend:

“My ex girlfriend, your love was the best medicine in my life and my life line which showed me the best way to happiness. I want you back in my life dear.”

“Dear girlfriend, I send you sorry wishes and ask for apology through this text message for hurting you badly. I hope you will forgive me soon with your love and care dear.”

“As you rise and shine in this beautiful morning, I wish you love and happiness in the morning and throughout the day. I wish you a good morning and may you have a wonderful day filled with love like you shower upon me.”

“I send love and good morning wish for a good start to the lovely morning and the day. I wish like your love for me, your day gets filled up with happiness twice fold throughout.”

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