Sorry Romantic Messages for Girlfriend

girlfriend Sorry romantic messages

Sorry romantic wishes are sent to ask for any apology for any wrong deed done by the cute boyfriend. The wishes can be sent through text messages on new year for the girlfriend and would make her heart melt to forgive the boyfriend for his mistake. The short wishes also express the love feelings of the boyfriend he has for her.

Excellent samples of sorry romantic messages for the girlfriend to choose and send are given below:

1). I seek forgiveness and send sorry wishes for dear girlfriend through this text. I hope you would grant me forgiveness and continue to love me deeply like before always.

2). For my girlfriend, I seek sorry for the hurt I have caused you. Your love has strengthened me to seek forgiveness for the wrongdoing and it is your love which will grant me the same.

3). Dear girlfriend, I ask for forgiveness and send sorry wishes for you. I am deeply saddened by my wrongdoing and it is your love which will help me overcome the grief.

4). For sweet girlfriend, I am sorry for having hurt you and say sorry to you. I hope your deep and never ending love for me will grant me forgiveness and make me a better person than before.

5). To my girlfriend, I am sorry for the misdoing and I send good wishes for you to grant me forgiveness. Our love has stood the times and it will be there this time to evolve as much stronger and deeper for each other forever.

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