Romantic Messages for Ex Girlfriend

Romantic messages for ex girlfriend

The romantic wishes for the ex girlfriend are sent through text messages. An ex girlfriend is one with whom one was in a romantic relationship earlier. The wishes for the ex girlfriend can be sent to share the feelings of love the ex boyfriend may have still for the girl. The wishes can be sent along with gifts for the girl.

Given below are samples of best romantic messages for ex girlfriend to send and show the love feelings for her:

1). Dear ex girlfriend, we had a special time the moments we were together and I wish to relive them again today till forever with your love. I send beautiful flowers to make you feel good.

2). For my ex girlfriend, my love for you has grown over time to make your each moment special and beautiful. It is your love which has done this and I send gifts for you with the wishes.

3). Our love over the years has developed into the beautiful relationship we had and I wish to continue that sweeter times again with you dear girlfriend. I send my love and flowers for you.

4). To dear ex girlfriend, you are the most special person I had in my life and I wish you to remain the same forever with me. I send gifts for you and hope you would love them.

5). Good wishes for my sweet ex girlfriend with love. For a beautiful lady like you with so much love for me, I send roses to make your day brighter and sweeter forever.

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