Birthday Messages for Wife

Birthday wishes for Wife

A wife is the most special person for a husband. The husband eagerly looks forward for the birthday of his wife either to celebrate it together or plans to give the best surprise of her life on her birthday. Be it by cooking something special for his wife, taking out for a special dinner together or gifting her the most precious and cherish gift of her life, the husband goes out of his way to do something special for his wife. The birthday wishes for a wife can be sent through text messages, through video clip created in a DVD or also through the different social networking sites. Let us see sample of birthday messages for wife sent in different ways:

Funny Birthday Messages for Wife

Funny birthday wishes for a wife are intended to cheer up her mood and bring a smile to her face. The funny messages can be sent through text messages or the husband can also make a personalized birthday card especially for the wife on her birthday.

“Have a blast on your birthday today love. May you have all the love and joys of life on your birthday and all the year through.”

Romantic Birthday Messages for Wife

Romantic birthday wishes to wife are intended at expressing the love the husband has for his wife. The romantic messages are sweet and lovely and will make the wife feel much special and loved for by the husband.

“Like you beautiful eyes, you birthday too be the beautiful and the best with lots of moments to cherish and celebrate as you step into another year of your life.”

50th Birthday Messages for Wife

A 50th birthday celebration is a grand one for the completion of golden years of life. The celebration of a wife’s 50th birthday is arranged in a grandeur way with surprises and by inviting many loved ones to gather. The husband sends beautiful 50th birthday wishes through texts and gifts for the wife on that day. The wife would feel much happy and special to receive so much love from her husband.

“Dear wife, I wish you a happy 50th birthday celebration. I pray to the Lord to bless you more years of love and prosperity in your life and send gifts especially for you.”

Birthday Messages for Wife from Husband

Birthday wishes from a husband is always special. And it is made more special if the husband is the first one to wish his wife on her birthday. Be it through a surprise by a cake in the middle of the night, a rose on her bed at midnight or a sweet lovely kiss with flowers on her bed early in the morning when she wakes up, a birthday wish from a husband is all which makes her birthday the best of all the days of a year.

“Wife, I wish you a lovely and happy birthday and May you have moments of joy and love all the year through.”

Emotional Birthday Messages for Wife

Emotional birthday wishes for wife tend to make her emotional and it expresses the emotions of the husband and the feeling she has for her. The emotional messages can be sent through a text message or through cards on her birthday. The emotional message makes the wife feel much special and loved for by the husband.

“I wish you a happy birthday and you day be filled with love and happiness just like you shower my life with your immense love and brighten up my days with your beautiful smile you give every day when you wake me up in the morning. I love you a lot.”

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