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Human race are a social species. We are nothing without society. We love to laugh, cry, sing, dance, play, talk and do every activity with co human being. We have become so used to this habit that it has almost become involuntary to celebrate anything alone. Be it birthday parties, weddings, anniversary, baby showers, bachelor parties, housewarming, engagement parties or graduation parties we cannot help but invite our near and dear ones to celebrate any good news with us. Hence come the role of cute invitation messages. They beautifully state the objective with details like date, time, venue, dress code and occasion.

Let us present you some of the best invitation text messages with example wordings for different moods and any occasions.

Invitation Messages for Party

People love partying, especially hang outs with friends. When you plan on throwing a party you make sure that your guests end up have a very good time. The host makes sure that everything is under control and the party turns out to be a huge success. Here is a sample of lovely invitation messages for a party.

“Eat & Drink and Mix & Mingle. Deck the halls and celebrate the season with us. Join us for cookies and cocoa to relieve your work burden and be completely free for one night.”

Invitation Messages for First Birthday Party

The first birthday of your little angel comes just once in a lifetime. Therefore, you need to play your cards right. Make memories for your toddler to cherish forever. Here is a sample invitation format to help you lift up the expectation of your party.

“Sing and dance and merry; And Jump and Play; As our little kid celebrate his 1st birthday. Come along and join the fun; or you’ll be missed by everyone.”

Invitation Messages for Wedding

Wedding day is undoubtedly the most valued day of your life. You cannot risk anything going wrong on your special day. You want everything to fall in place. In such a case, how can your wedding invitation card lag behind? Here is an example of a sample wedding text message.

“As we churn our calendar and unfold, we are excited to say ‘to have and to hold’. Kindly save the date as your presence is highly anticipated.”

Housewarming Party Invitation Message

Housewarming party is celebrated when one purchases a new home and invites friends and loved ones for showing them the beautiful home. It is a celebration of the living in a new home. The house is decorated beautifully with flowers and accessories and feasts are prepared for the guests.

“For my dear friend, I send this invitation to the housewarming party to be organized at my new home tomorrow. Kindly be there by 6pm in 36, Downtown Lane for celebrating together and making the occasion special.”

Invitation Messages for Party of get together

Get together are meant to cherish the moments that passed by. In such parties what you do is quietly take a sip of your drink and reminiscence the past with your friends or tear apart the hall by going back to being what you were.

“Hip Hip Hooray! There is a cause for celebration. It is always good to be surrounded with people who mean a lot. You are invited over to a get together party to make memories.”

Invitation Messages for Baby Shower

Baby shower is the pre blast party you have with your dearest friends and family while getting ready to welcome your little angel on the way. It is usually thrown by friends or family in honor of the pregnant mom.

“Diaper pins and nipples, rattles and bows; Bottles and booties and bibs and more. Please join us for a Baby Shower in honor of Susane and Steve”.

Invitation Messages for Friends

Friends make you live life. They are available at your service 24×7 and make no excuses. They are the most irritating traits but at the same time hold your back every single time you are in trouble. If you are planning on hosting a party in their honor, below is a sample wording invitation to make your task easier.

“Celebrate the season with us! We’re hosting a holiday open house only for our close friend. Do not forget to drop by. We will be waiting!”

Invitation Messages for Engagement

Engagement is a pre wedding event. Your relationship gets officially recognized in the society after this ceremony. Hence you are at your best and make sure you do not miss out on your best buddies and close relatives.

“Yes, Mitchel and I will finally make it official. Please join us for an evening of celebration and fun and bless at our togetherness.”

Invitation Messages for 21st Birthday Party

At 18 you become an adult but at 21 you feel like you are at the start to win the world. This important transitional phase is always celebrated with a huge birthday blast with your besties and dearest ones.  Here is a sample invitation format to help you plan your most anticipated birthday.

“You get to be 21 only once in your life. June has got every reason to celebrate. Join us for a wine and dine celebration as we rock through the night.”

Invitation Messages for Dinner

If you need some quite and calm time with your friend together, invite your friends over to different. Or you can plan a quite family get together over dinner. Here is a sample example of a text message that will help you bring out the right emotion on paper.

“Greetings from the Herpers! We would love you to come and join us both for a dinner party bash as we celebrate the promotion of Charlie.”

Invitation Messages for 1st Wedding Anniversary

Surviving in a marriage is not easy. Congrats if you have successfully covered one year against this milestone. Your 1st Wedding Anniversary gotta be very special. Reach out to your friends with the given sample wordings invitation.

“We met a year back and found friendship; we got married and found love. Join us as we celebrate our one successful year of togetherness and marital bliss.”

Invitation Messages to Join a Group

When you have a new friend added to your group you get excited to welcome him/her. If you are planning on throwing a party on your friends honor, here is a sample example to help you proceed with the invitation planning.

“A night of total drama and fun is anticipated. Please be there as we welcome Rose to our group and give her an idea of how crazy we can get when we get together as a group.”

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