Invitation Messages for First Birthday Party

Invitation Messages for First Birthday Party

A first birthday is special for the parents as well as the child for the child completes a year of arriving in the world. The occasion is special for the parents as they see their child grow up with time into a good person. The first birthdays are always a memorable one and an event all look forward to. The invitations for the first birthday party can be sent through text messages or through invitation cards. One can also create personalized invitation cards with drawings or pictures for the guests. In addition to that, one can create invitation video ideas for the guests and send it on a DVD or invite all the concerned people through social networking sites be creating an invitation page with the required details. Let us see some of the invitation messages for first birthday party sent in different ways:

Invitation Messages for 4th Birthday Party

A 4th birthday party is celebrated when the child turns four years of age and completes four years after his or birth. The 4th birthday party includes blowing candles of 4, cutting cakes and thereafter feasting with friends and family. The invitations for the 4th birthday party can be sent through cards or text messages to the concerned guests.

“I cordially invite you all to the 4th birthday party of my son to be conducted at our residence from 5 pm onwards. I would eagerly await your presence in joining us to celebrate his special day and the birthday.”

Surprise Birthday Party Invitation Messages

Surprise birthday party invitations are invitations which are given without letting the birthday person know about the party. The invitations clearly mention that the birthday person would not be informed about the party or the birthday celebration beforehand and would be given a surprise birthday party once the person arrives.

“Through this card, I send you invitation to a surprise birthday party of my daughter to be held tomorrow from 6 pm onwards. I would request you to not inform my daughter about the party as it a surprise for her to make her special birthday happier and memorable.”

Kids Birthday Party Invitation Messages

Birthday parties mean fun for kids and children. As such, kids’ birthday party means a whole day of unlimited fun and frolic at the venue all around. The kids’ birthday party invitations and wishes can be sent through beautiful cards with drawings of characters which kids love. One can also create a cartoon video with invitations sent as cartoon fonts and characters.

“With all pleasure I invite you all to the birthday party of my son to be held at our residence tomorrow from 6 pm onwards. I would await your gracious presence at the occasion and make my son and us much happier with your presence.”

Funny Invitation Messages for Birthday Party

Funny birthday party invitations are humorous and are sent to bring a smile on the faces of the guests. The invitations can be sent through text messages with funny smiley or through cards with funny characters or quotes. One can also create a funny invitation video clip and send it to the guests on a DVD.

“My son turns 5 tomorrow. I invite you and your kids to join me in bringing down the house with fun and running all around. You are most welcome to make it a mess for tomorrow.”

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