Surprise Birthday Party Invitation Messages

Surprise Birthday Party Invitation Messages

Surprise birthday party invitations are invitations which are given without letting the birthday person know about the party. The invitations clearly mention that the birthday person would not be informed about the party or the birthday celebration beforehand and would be given a surprise birthday party once the person arrives.

Following are samples of surprise birthday party thank you and invitation messages to send to the concerned people:

1). Dear friend, I invite you the surprise birthday party of my mother at my residence tomorrow. Do keep the surprise and join us in the grand celebration to make her happy.

2). For sweet friend, inviting you to the best surprise birthday party celebration. I hope you would keep the surprise a secret and make us happy with your presence.

3). For my dear cousin, do arrive in the surprise birthday party tomorrow at my residence. I send this invitation with love and request you to keep the surprise a secret.

4). For cute friend, inviting you to the surprise birthday party occasion tomorrow at Regal Plaza. Do join us in the celebration in making it more memorable and grand.

5). For my sweet aunt, I invite you to the surprise birthday party celebration tomorrow. I expect you to keep the event a surprise and make the occasion for my wife beautiful.

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