Happy Leap Year Birthday Wishes Messages (Born on 29th Feb)

29th Feb Happy Leap Year Birthday Wishes - Leap day Messages

It is truly special to be born on February 29th as you are born in a leap year and your birthday will come just once in every four years. Make someone born on this day feel special with some of the beautiful leap year birthday wishes. Don’t just share 29th February birthday wishes but also share leap year jokes and funny leap year quotes with him or her to share a good laugh. Have the most amazing leap year new year wishes and birthday greetings shared with them.

Shared below is a wonderful collection of Leap Day Birthday Messages, funny leap year quotes and Happy Leap Year wishes. Celebrate this day with these lovely Happy Leap Year greetings to share on WhatsApp, Facebook.

Best Happy Leap Day Birthday Messages

“On this special day which arrives after a long wait, I am sending you warm wishes for it is your birthday. Happy Leap Year Birthday to you.”

“Time might forget your birthday but we will always remember it because you are very special to us. Warm wishes on your Leap Year Birthday.”

“Born on February 29th makes you special in every sense. With lots of love, sending you warm wishes on your Leap Year Birthday Leap Year Birthday.”

“As per the calendar, you might be just one year old but actually you are four years old. Cheers to that chaos for life. Happy Leap Year Birthday to you my dear.”

“It is quite fun to be called leap year babies, especially when everyone around you is in their sixties and you haven’t even finished your teens. Happy Leap Year Birthday.”

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Exclusive Leap Year Birthday Wishes

“Though you get 25% of the gifts only but you also save 75% of the money you spend on your birthday parties. Cheers to your savings. Warm wishes on Leap Year Birthday.”

“When the wait is so long, you enjoy that day double than others. For those who are born on February 29th, they have to wait for three years to celebrate their birthday. Happy Leap Year Birthday.”

“Those who are born on February 29th get the chance to throw a super party every fourth year for which they can plan for three years. Happy Leap Year Birthday.”

“You will always be considered different because of your date of birth which makes you so special in every sense. Warm wishes on Leap Year Birthday.”

“That one good thing on which you should be proud of is your age because you are born on February 29th. Wishing a very Happy Leap Year Birthday to you.”

Happy Leap Year Birthday Quotes

“Every present that you get has to be a special one because you get it just once in three years.”

“Being born on February 29th will always get you all the attention because you are a leap year baby.”

“People born on February 29th will always have two different ages to tell to the world.”

“The best thing about having a Leap Year Birthday is that though you are growing up but you are not ageing.”

“There are just very few people in this world who can defy the race of time and they are the ones born on February 29th. “

Funny Leap year Jokes

“4 years is equal to 1 year for you, and you will enjoy this joke only if you are born on February 29th.”

“It would have been so much simpler if there was a manual for the world designed especially for Leap Year Birthday babies which could define the rules.”

“I love Leap Year babies because you have to buy them presents just once in every three years.”

“If you wish to save on birthday party expenses then have your baby on February 29th.”

“If your mom could have waited for a little longer then you could have been celebrating your birthday every year.”

Funny Leap year Quotes

“You are always going to stay the youngest amongst your friends just because you are born on February 29th.”

“In order to be able to attain the legal age for drinking, you will have to be at least 60 years of age. Happy Leap Year Birthday.”

“You actually remind us all that February 29th does actually exist on the calendar and there are some people waiting for it so desperately.”

“Though your birthday comes just once in three years but despite that you are able to celebrate it every year.”

“You are the only one who can choose when you wish to celebrate your birthday on- February 28th or March 1st or may be both the dates.”

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