Invitation Messages for Party

Invitation Messages for Party

The invitation messages for party are sent on different occasions to the guests by the host. The invitation messages are sent through text messages or through invitation cards. One can also send gifts along with the invitation cards for the special persons of the guest list. The invitation messages can also be sent through invitation videos created with invitation messages to the guests and can be sent on DVD. The invitation messages include the occasion of the party, the time and venue of the party together. In some cases one can also include the theme of the party in the invitation message for the guests. Let us see some of the samples of invitation messages for party examples sent in different ways:

Invitation Messages for Birthday Party

Birthdays are a celebration of the day of the birth of the person celebrated in a year. A birthday party means fun and celebration with birthday cake, feasts and dancing all around. Kids as well as the elders love to celebrate birthday parties inviting guests for food and fun on the birthdays.

“we cordially invite you and your family to the birthday party to be held at our residence tomorrow from 7 pm onwards. I hope you will be at the birthday party to bless our son on his 10th birthday and join him and us for the celebration.”

Invitation Messages for Dinner Party

Dinner parties are a get together of family and friends over a dinner. A dinner party can be a simple or a lavish party organized in a banquet hall inviting many guests. A dinner party can also be at home with few guests and members of family catching up on dinner.

“we cordially invite you to the dinner party tomorrow at our residence from 9pm onwards. I hope you will be at the dinner and join us at the feast of lavish spreads.”

Invitation Messages for Farewell Party

Farewell parties are conducted to bid farewell to a member who may be retiring or leaving from office or home. The farewell parties are much heart touching for the person for whom it is held as the person is leaving the organization after a period of time.

“I cordially invite you to the farewell party of Mr. Johnson to be held tomorrow at our office from 3 pm. I hope you all will join us in bidding farewell to Mr. Johnson and honor him for the efficient services he has extended to us.”

Invitation Messages for Graduation Party

Graduation party is conducted to celebrate the successful passing out of graduation, be it from high school or college. The graduation party is special for the student as well as the parents as the student completes a phase of his career and enters into another.

“I cordially invite you to the graduation party to be held tomorrow at our residence from 7 pm. I eagerly await your presence in the party to bless our daughter for her success.”

Invitation Messages for Kitty Party

Kitty parties are ladies parties conducted over coffee or snacks. The kitty parties are a get together to discuss topics, to indulge in cookery surprise or gossiping or also to indulge in social activities. The kitty parties are a beautiful get together of ladies.

“I cordially invite you ladies to the kitty party to be held at my residence tomorrow from 3 pm. I hereby request your gracious presence in discussing the agenda of the next committee activity to be held soon.”

Invitation Messages for Diwali Party

Diwali parties are held to celebrate the beautiful festival of lights Diwali. The parties include lighting up fireworks and engaging in feasting together. The Diwali party is held to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Diwali, which signifies the victory of good over evil.

“I cordially invite you and your family to the Diwali party to be held at Rotary club tomorrow from 4 pm. I expect your gracious presence to celebrate the festival of lights together with fervor.”

Invitation Messages for Engagement Party

Engagement parties are conducted to celebrate the union of two people in love to the commitment of engagement. the people in love gets engaged and bonded together for live for a serious relationship which will later culminate to marriage.

“I cordially invite you all to my engagement party with Rosaline to be held at Green Pastures Lawn tomorrow from 11 am. I await your presence eagerly at the party to join us and bless us as we enter in the special commitment of life.”

Invitation Messages for Christmas Party

Christmas party is conducted to celebrate Christmas together by feasting praying and merry making. The Christmas parties include families and friends from far and near who come together to celebrate and welcome baby Jesus into the world with happiness.

“I cordially invite you all to the Christmas party to be held at our residence from 11 am onwards tomorrow. I expect your gracious presence and joining us in prayers for Lord Jesus and also for the delicious feast we have organized.”

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