Invitation Messages for Christmas Party

Christmas Party Invitation text Messages

Excellent samples of funny invitation messages for Christmas party examples to send to invitees are listed below:

1). Dear cousin, I invite you to the Christmas party to be held at my place this Sunday. Join me in welcoming baby Jesus onto earth to shower peace and prosperity in the world.

2). For a sweet friend, join me in welcoming Lord Jesus through the best Christmas party. We would have lots of fun and would go for community feasting and making merry.

3). To a cute friend, join me in the Christmas party to welcome Lord Jesus for peace and prosperity. Come to the community feasting to celebrate the birth of Jesus with love.

4). For a special sister, I invite you to the best Christmas party to be held at my residence tomorrow. Let us come together to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus for peace in the world.

5). For a special friend, inviting you to the Christmas party at my place next week. I hope you will arrive for the celebration and enjoy the feasting and merry making.

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