Invitation Messages for Engagement Party

Invitation Messages for Engagement Party

Engagement parties are conducted to celebrate the union of two people in love to the commitment of engagement. the people in love gets engaged and bonded together for live for a serious relationship which will later culminate to marriage.

Following are samples of invitation messages for engagement party to send with love:

1). For my dearest aunt, I send you engagement party invitation for the engagement of my brother to be held next Tuesday. I would expect your blessings and presence on the beautiful occasion.

2). To my cute friend, I send this invitation for the engagement party of my sister at my place on Sunday. I would eagerly look forward to your arrival and presence for the whole day celebration.

3). Through this text, I invite you my engagement party tomorrow at my place. I hope you will arrive with your charming nature and liven up my day with love.

4). This text carries the invitation to the engagement party of my sister next week. I hope your presence will make the event more special and a memorable one.

5). Through this text, I invite your family to the engagement party at my residence. I would be highly grateful and thank you with your presence at my humble home for the occasion.

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