Invitation Messages for Farewell Party

Farewell Party Invitation Messages

Farewell parties are conducted to bid farewell to a member who may be retiring or leaving from office or home. The farewell parties are much heart touching for the person for whom it is held as the person is leaving the organization after a period of time.

List of samples of invitation messages for farewell party for loved ones are given below:

1). Dear friend, I invite you to the farewell party held on occasion of bidding farewell to my colleague. The party would be held at my residence and I would expect you to be there.

2). For my friend, inviting you to the farewell party at my place tomorrow. Let’s all come together to bid farewell to our colleague as he retires from office.

3). To a cute friend, inviting you to the farewell party at Plaza tomorrow. Do come and bid farewell to our friend who is moving abroad for work.

4). To a special friend, inviting you to the farewell party at my place this Tuesday. Let’s all join for bidding farewell to our loved friend who is moving base to a new place.

5). This text carries farewell party invitation for my friend who lives nearby. Come and join me in bidding farewell to our colleague as she retires from service.

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