Invitation Messages for Birthday Party

surprise birthday party invitation messages

Birthdays are a celebration of the day of the birth of the person celebrated in a year. A birthday party means fun and celebration with birthday cake, feasts and dancing all around. Kids as well as the elders love to celebrate birthday parties inviting guests for food and fun on the birthdays.

Good samples of invitation messages for birthday party to send with love are listed below:

1). To my cute friend, I send invitation to my birthday party at my residence tomorrow. I hope you will join me for the celebration and make my day special.

2). To a good friend, sending beautiful invitation message for the birthday party next Tuesday at my place. Do join me for the celebration and have fun with family and friends.

3). For a sweet cousin, inviting you to my birthday party tomorrow at my residence. Make sure you arrive in time for a surprise for the guests too arranged by me.

4). For sweet sister, I invite you to the birthday party of my son tomorrow. I hope you will arrive and make him happy with your charming presence.

5). To dear aunt, I invite you to the birthday party of my daughter tomorrow. I hope to see you in the celebration making merry with invited guests.

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