Invitation Messages for Dinner

Dinner Invitation Messages

A dinner is a get together of sorts for friends and family. It is a get together feast where guests and host enjoy delicious delicacies and foodies cooked by hosts. Sometimes, some guests to bring along delicacies prepared by them at home and arrive for the dinner. The dinner invitations can be sent through text messages or through beautiful cards. One can also send dinner invitations through social networking sites by creating an invitation page and inviting the guests there. Let us see some of the invitation messages for dinner sent in different ways:

Invitation Message for Birthday Dinner

Birthday dinners are conducted after the birthday parties where friends and family get together for the feast after the birthday cake cutting and other birthday highlights are over. The birthday dinners are conducted mostly late at night after the cake cutting, games of children and dance are over.

“I cordially invite you to the birthday dinner tomorrow to be held at my residence on the occasion of the birthday of my son. I would eagerly wait for your presence there by 9 pm for the celebration and dinner.”

Invitation Message for Wedding Dinner

Wedding dinners are held after the wedding rituals, engagements and ceremonies are over. The wedding dinner is mostly conducted in case of weddings which are conducted in the daytime. In those weddings, during the daytime all the rituals and ceremonies get over in the presence of selected guests and then the bridegroom, bride and family throws the wedding dinner for the celebration for all guests.

“I cordially invite you and your family to the wedding dinner next Thursday at Royal Plaza to be held from 8 pm onwards on the occasion of my wedding with Priya. I would be highly solicited with your presence in the celebration and the dinner.”

Thank you Messages for Dinner Invitation

Thank you wishes for dinner invitations are sent to the host to convey thank you for inviting to the dinner. Be it a wedding dinner or dinner occasion, the thank you wishes are conveyed to show gratefulness for inviting for the dinner.

“Through this beautiful card, I convey my thankful wishes for inviting me to the wedding dinner held at your residence yesterday. I am much thankful to have been there at your celebration and being an active part in the wedding dinner. Thank you once again.”

Invitation Message for Dinner and Dance

Dinner and dance is celebratory dinners where dances of any form are held, though mostly it is slow formal dance. The dinner and dance can be held during any dinner occasion be it a wedding or birthday. The invitations for dinner and dance are sent through beautiful cards or text messages.

“I cordially invite you to the dinner and dance to be held at my residence from 7 pm onwards next Sunday. I would eagerly await your presence at the celebration dinner and dance.”

Sample Miscellaneous invitation messages for dinner:

“Put on your dancing shoes and be there tomorrow at my residence for a great dinner and dance party to be held on the occasion of my fiancé’s birthday. I would eagerly look forward to your arrival tomorrow.”

“I send thankful wishes to you and your family for inviting me to the beautiful dinner at your residence yesterday. It was beautiful spending time with you all and I am truly grateful for the invitation.”

“I cordially invite you to the wedding dinner at my residence next Sunday to be held on the occasion of my son’s wedding with Gracie. I would appreciate your presence at the dinner.’”

“I cordially invite you to the birthday dinner on the occasion of my daughter’s birthday tomorrow at our residence from 9 pm. I would appreciate your arrival tomorrow at the celebration. “

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