Graduation Wishes and Messages from Family

Graduation Messages from Family

Graduation wishes from family are sent to the concerned student for his or her success by the family. Graduation wishes for family are sent to the family who one of its members have passes graduation. The wishes are sent to convey the best wishes for the successful passing out of graduation of a member of the family. The high School graduation wishes are sent through text messages, through beautiful cards or through social networking sites. One can also send gifts along with the cards for the successful member of the family. One can also create a beautiful video for the family and send it on a DVD. Let us see some of sweet graduation messages from family sent in different ways:

Congratulations Graduation Messages for family

“On the successful completion of graduation, warm wishes from your loved family….. May you find success in everything you do!!!”

Graduation Message for Relatives

“Warm wishes on graduation to you my dear…. All your hard work has been paid and all your sacrifices have brought you fruits of success.”

High School Graduation Messages to Family

High school graduation wishes are sent to the family for congratulating the member of the family who has passed out high school and is now ready for college life. The high school graduation wishes can be sent through beautiful cards along with gifts for the member or also through text messages on mobile or social networking sites.

“I convey my best wishes and heartiest congratulations of the successful graduation passing out of your son. I wish all the beat of luck for his bright future and may Lord gift him with good opportunities of his career in college life.”

Graduation Thank you Messages to Family

Graduation thank you wishes are sent to the family to convey thanksgiving wishes for congratulating on the success. The wishes are sent to the family as a whole as they together sent the congratulatory messages to the successful person. The wishes can be sent through text messages or cards with gifts for the members of the family.

“Through this beautiful card, I convey my thankful wishes and regards for your congratulatory messages for me. I am deeply grateful for your wishes and look forward to seeing you soon at my success party tomorrow.”

Funny Graduation Messages for Family

Funny graduation wishes for family are humorous and are sent to the family when one of their members has passed out graduation. The funny wishes are meant to bring smile on the faces of the family and make them happier for the success. The wishes can be sent through cards with funny characters or also through text messages with funny smiley.

“Wish you heartiest congratulations on your success of the dearest member of your family. I will be there in the party evening at your place; you need not invite me separately. Be ready with wine and finest barbeque and make provisions for packing too.”

Sample Miscellaneous Graduation Messages from Family:

“I send my heartiest congratulations and good wishes for the brightest of career for your son who passed graduation with flying colors. I am much happy with the good news and send gifts for him with this lovely card.”

“Graduation success of the son of your family calls in for a grand party. And a grand party calls in for a cake to celebrate. I hope you have the cake ready, make sure its vanilla, my favorite. Otherwise you would lose a good foodie. “

“As the daughter of the family passes out high school graduation with brighter success, I send all my love and heartfelt good greetings for the best of opportunities in her career and life.”

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