Funny Graduation Messages, Wishes, Sayings and Quotes

Funny Graduation Messages

Funny graduation messages are humorous wishes which are meant to bring smile to the face of the concerned person. The funny wishes can be sent through cards containing funny characters or pictures where the funny wishes can be written. One can also send the wishes through text messages with funny smiley or create a funny greetings messages for the person and send it on a whatsapp and facebook. One can also send funny graduation wishes through social networking sites by uploading a funny picture and writing down the wishes there.

Let us see some of the samples of funny graduation messages, sweet graduation messages, Wishes, Funny Graduation Sayings and Quotes examples sent in different ways:

Funny Graduation Messages for Sister

“I have known you from your first day in this world and I always knew that you are going to shine bright…. Warm wishes on graduation to you.”

Funny Graduation Messages for Daughter

“To my daughter who has always made me proud, I wish you Happy Graduation and lots of luck for future endeavours.”

Funny Graduation Messages for Brother

“Though you don’t look like the hard working types but you have become a graduate and your luck is to be blamed for it.”

Funny Graduation Messages for Son

“We never expected anything from you and your graduation has come as a surprise to us…. Happy Graduation to you.”

Funny Graduation Messages for Myself

“Life is uncertain and a surprise like graduation is truly a delight…. A very Happy Graduation to myself for working so hard and making it possible.”

Funny Graduation Messages from Parents

The parents can send funny graduation wishes to their child through funny cards or text messages with funny quotes. They can also record the funny moments of the child with the funny graduation wishes and send it to the child through a DVD. The funny greetings would make the child much happier on her special success day.

“Heartiest congratulations on defeating that geek fatso off the success shelf kid. Wish you luck in dropping down more geeks in future off their proud.”

Funny Graduation Messages for Yearbook

A yearbook of a college or a high school highlights the best moments of the academy and the successes of the year in the academy. It also contains messages, wishes and writes ups from students as well as guardians. The yearbook is published once in a year and also has section for funny quotes and messages.

“Best wishes to all the geeks for graduation success and good luck for the ones struggling to defeat these geeks of the academy. I am on your side and cheering you all to defeat geeks and take their place.”

Funny Graduation Messages for Friends

Graduation wishes among friends is shared on the day of passing out graduation. The friends send wishes through text messages on mobile or social networking sites. Some friends also send funny graduation wishes cards with funny characters for their friends. In spite of the competition for success between them, during success celebration they come together in unity for each other.

“I am surprised that with Whatsapp by your side, you beat that studios lad off his place. A big fat liar you are, studied in the name of entertaining yourself. Anyways, wish you best wishes for your success.”

Funny Graduation Messages for Cards

Funny graduation cards contain pictures of funny characters on the cards and also some cards have funny quotes. One can also make a personalized card with funny drawings and wishes for the concerned student. These cards would make him or her much happier and it will be a funny moment to be cherished forever.

“A cake for your graduation success is what I ordered at Bakers. You can go there and get it all by yourself. To add up, do not forget to bring credit. It is of course your pay. I gifted you an order for your success buddy.”

Sample Miscellaneous Funny Graduation Messages:

“Get yourself the cake for the party in the evening soon before I order for the biggest of all for you and let you pay for it. I heard you didn’t arrange for a cake yet.”

“Graduation success means wine and barbeque party. I know what your heart wishes to tell me, but don’t worry I will be there in the evening at your place for the party buddy. Congrats for your success anyways. “

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