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Graduation Wishes: What to Write in a Graduation Card

Graduation messages are the best way to congratulate and wish good luck and success for life. These messages are meant to be precise and short. Long messages sound boring and loose its impact. Wishing good luck for future and congratulating for graduating is a tough task so the message has to be perfect. 

Graduation is a special day and surely needs to be celebrated with Happy Graduation messages and sweet Graduation wishes. Wish all the success and happiness to your friends, family, relatives with high school graduation messages, inspirational graduation messages.

Here are a few examples that will help you write meaningful graduation messages.

Sweet Graduation Messages

Sweet graduation wishes from a loved one always make one feel special. Share with all, sweet graduation messages that make this special day, super special. With the collection of happy graduation wishes quotes, send across congratulations on graduation.

“Success comes to those who work hard for it, who make sacrifices for it and you truly deserve the best….. Happy Graduation.”

“Sending my warm wishes on Graduation to you…. It is time to take break from life and celebrate this special day.”

“You have touched a new milestone with your hard work and I wish you congratulations for making it big.”

“There is nothing impossible in this world because you can achieve anything if you have made up your mind…. Happy Graduation.”

Graduation Messages, Graduation wishes images

Graduation Messages Iimages

Happy Graduation Wishes

Share Graduation wishes images and Happy Graduation messages with one and all to make it a memorable occasion. Newest collection of Happy Graduation wishes that congratulate and wish good luck.

“Happy Graduation!!!! Never lose hope and never doubt your hard work because you have the potential to make it happen.”

“Wishing a very Happy Graduation to you….. May you always shine bright with your hard work.”

“Dreams come true if you work hard for them and your graduation is the most beautiful dream that has now come a reality.”

“You have the potential and power to make even the impossible thing possible with dedication…. Happy Graduation.”

College Graduation Messages

On completion of college, share Graduation wishes quotes, Happy Graduation wishes, Congratulation Graduation wishes with your friends, family and loved ones. Shared below are some beautiful graduation wishes to share.

“Wishing you all the success in life and heartfelt congratulations on college graduation…. Wishing you good luck for future.”

“College graduation calls for celebrations and party…. May you are able to achieve all your dreams.”

“Congratulations on completing college with flying olours…. May you find success in everything else you do in life.”

“With college over, you are all set for new goals, new challenges, new opportunities…. A very Happy Graduation to you.”

Graduation Wishes Messages images

Graduation Wishes Images

Inspirational Graduation Messages

Full of motivation and inspiration, the best of inspirational graduation messages make a worthy share. Send across graduation messages and graduation wishes to send your regards to all those who have touched this milestone.

“There is never a problem with a solution…. Congratulations on your graduation and for making it big.”

“When you have made up your mind, you start working for it…. Wishing you a very Happy Graduation my dear.”

“On completing your graduation, I extend my warm wishes to you and wish you all the very best for your future.”

“Graduation marks the end of one chapter of life and also the beginning of another…. With lots of love, Happy Graduation to you.”

Congratulations Graduation Card Messages

Don’t forget to send Congratulations graduation messages and Happy Graduation messages on cards to your family and friends, to send your best wishes on this accomplishment. High school graduation messages to wish in a special way.

“May you always shine bright in whatever you do…. Happy Graduation to you and congratulations on your success.”

“Those who work hard are always paid for it…. Warm wishes on Graduation to you and may you find many more opportunities to grow.”

“A very big congratulations to you on your success….. May this graduation bring along many more chances for you to move ahead in life.”

“Graduation is a special occasion and may you celebrate it with your family and friends…. A very Happy Graduation to you.”

Sweet Graduation Messages images, Photo

Sweet Graduation Messages

High School Graduation Messages

Graduating from high school bring million dollar smiles to the successfully passed out students. Though it is not the last destination of academic life, it is the first and the most important step towards the bright and shining future.

 “Congratulations on graduating from high school!  As a student you still have a long way to go and a lot to achieve. Best of luck for all your future endeavors.”

Graduation Messages for Friends

Friends matters a lot in our lives. We learn, grow and dream together. Completing graduation is one of the great successes of our lives and witnessing your friends at the graduation event is something very emotional and joyous.

“Congrats for graduating successfully, with many hugs and wishes for your future, I will wish you achieve great heights and be successful in everything you do.”

Graduation Messages from Family

Family is the foremost priority of our lives. And with as important event as graduation, we cannot miss out on them in this special occasion. As a family member, you need to organize your thoughts and come up with the right wordings.

“We are very proud of you today. Your successful graduation has proved us right in having trusted you for bringing glory to our family. Congratulations! May God Bless You Always!”

Graduation Messages From parents

 When students relish their accomplishments parents feel the same joy as it is their victory too. Their happiness knows no bounds when they see their kids finally out of college in flying colors and getting all geared up to face the real world.

 “Congratulations for your success, there is lot to say but just one advice Stay Humble. The world is tough out there; never lose yourself in the humdrum of getting fame.”

Graduation Messages to Cousin

A graduation ceremony is passing out of higher education into another level of further studies. The graduation ceremony of a cousin is special and wishes are sent to him or her through texts on the day. The wishes would make her feel proud and loved by the sender. One can also send sweet graduation gifts for the cousin.

“Dear cousin, I wish you hearty congratulations on your graduation. I am much proud of your success and send you beautiful gifts for the results.

Happy Graduation Messages - Graduation Wishes Quotes

Happy Graduation Messages – Wishes Quotes

Funny Graduation Messages

Best friends manage to come up with anything funny in any occasion. They are always at your back when you have cold feet or when you are out doing mischief. On this special occasion they will for sure come up with something reminiscing the past.

“Congratulation champ for getting through your graduation and have an amazing life ahead unlike your graduation days where we used to slog our days.”

Graduation Messages for Daughter

Daughters are the apple of the eyes to parents. And when they finally graduate, parents are overwhelmed with pride. Hence, their blessings have to be extra ordinary too. They speak their heart out and wish them all the success to face the real world.

“You have always been a very amazing daughter and we have always cherished having you in our life. A very warm hug and congratulations for graduating successfully.”

Graduation Messages to Teachers from Students

Teachers are the greatest companion and mentor to every student. Students are always indebt for the guidance given and knowledge shared. They help you climb the ladder of success and teach you combat the world with practicality.

Our dearest teachers thank you for being very kind and patient and also for being a role model to us. Respect for you will remain in our heart forever. Thank you for everything.”

Graduation Greetings Messages - Graduation Greetings Images

Graduation Greetings Messages

Graduation Messages for Son

Parents are always overwhelmed to watch their son graduate. They shower blessing on the special day and wish him all the luck for future endeavors. They advise them to be practical and walk towards a brighter future.

“Congratulations son! Your success has renewed our approach towards success!  Wishes from your parents for life after graduation.”

Graduation Messages to Boyfriend

When you share that special bond of love with your boyfriend, all his success seems to be yours. On the special occasion of graduation, you tend to shower all your love and wish him for a very bright future.

“Have witnessed you scale up with each step by your grit and passion. Congratulations on graduating! Go out carve a niche for yourself. “

Graduation Messages to Sister

Your sister is your best friend. You may get irritated at her mischief, but when it comes to a celebration as huge as graduation, sisters pour their heart out with hugs and kisses on completing this huge milestone success.

Long way to go Sister you rock. This congratulatory message is to convey my wishes to you. Congrats!”

Graduation Messages for Brother

Brothers are both guides and best friend. They are your role model. So when they finally graduate, it definitely calls for celebration. You will wish him with all your heart on completing this huge milestone success.

“I am so happy to be a part of your success brother. Many congratulations to you fly high sky is the limit for you.”

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