Funny Graduation Messages for Daughter

Funny graduation messages for daughter

Funny graduation wishes are humorous and are meant to make the daughter happy and bring a smile to her face on her big graduation day. The funny graduation wishes can be sent through a card with funny characters with the wishes written on it. The funny wishes would make the daughter feel much jolly on her success and on the special day.

Following are samples of funny graduation messages for daughter:

1). Dear daughter, congratulations on your graduation. Now we can proudly announce that you are the single one best graduate passing out with flying colours.

2). Sweet daughter, offering congratulations on your graduation. I hope now you will take us out for the special treat you have been keeping pending for so long.

3). Lovely daughter, sending congratulation wishes for your graduation. I hope you have arranged a beautiful party for me unless which you won’t be getting your graduation gift.

4). Cute daughter, I extend my congratulations on your graduation success. I send you a beautiful git and hope you treasure and not discard it or else you will to reimburse the cost.

5). Dear daughter, this text carries good wishes for your graduation. Make sure you have the perfect graduation dress when you go for the photograph for me to show everybody.

Popular Messages:

  • my daughter is graduating high school
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