Funny Graduation Messages from Parents

Funny Graduation Messages from Parents

The parents can send funny graduation wishes to their child through funny cards or text messages with funny quotes. They can also record the funny moments of the child with the funny graduation wishes and send it to the child through a DVD. The funny greetings would make the child much happier on her special success day.

Samples of funny graduation messages from parents are given below:

1). To dear student, I wish you hearty congratulations on your graduation day. I knew well that you would graduate with flying colours so that I can get a special treat.

2). Dear son, I wish you congratulations on your graduation. Finally you are a graduate and eligible enough to join a job and stop giving excuse of lazing around.

3). Dearest student, hearty congratulations for your superb graduation. I hope you remember you owe me a big party for the big success though I haven’t yet forgotten it.

4). Lovely daughter, congratulations on your graduation. I am happy that we can start searching for your soul mate from now on giving you no chance of hinting to not getting married.

5). Son, wishing you congratulations for your graduation. Make sure you find a job soon and stop relying on pocket money from me anymore as you are big enough to earn.

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