Graduation Message from Sister to Brother

Graduation Message from Sister to Brother

Graduation wishes from sister are sent with much love along with gifts of the brother’s choice. The wishes are sent through text messages with lovely words or one can also send a beautiful video clip of the best moments of the sister brother duo and send it to the brother on a DVD with a gift.

Following are samples of graduation messages from sister to brother:

1). Dear brother, this text carries love and good wishes from your sister for your graduation. I am sure you will earn flying colours on your graduation ceremony.

2). Dearest brother, sending heartfelt wishes from your sister with love. I am much happy with your graduation success and wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

3). Lovely brother, this sister sends warm wishes for your graduation success through this text. I also send beautiful gifts for you and hope you will love them.

4). Sweet brother, your sister sends lovely wishes for your graduation success. You have been always an inspiration and today have made me much proud.

5). Cute brother, this is a beautiful congratulatory text from your sister wishing you on your success. I hope you will earn much laurels in the further abroad studies you wish to pursue.

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