Baby Shower Messages

Baby Shower wishes messages

Baby shower is the most auspicious time of a couple’s life. While a mother anxiously waits for birth of her child, baby shower is celebrated to bring blessings for the baby. All the friends and relatives especially family members get involved in this event with great zeal. As such messages for baby shower have to be full of blessings and good luck wishes. Make your messages all the more special with the examples given below.

Baby Shower Messages to Parents

It is a matter of great happiness for parents to see their kids getting married. It is all the more enhanced and they feel overwhelmed when they get the news that their child is expecting a baby. They struggle for words as theirs feeling go beyond expression.

 “Congratulations! For the expected arrival of your bundle of happiness wish you both all the best and hope the new addition in both of your life will bring you many reasons to be happy, proud and grateful.”

Baby Shower Messages to Sister

Imagining your sister with a little angel in her arms is something that can bring you goose bumps. It is the moment of great joy and celebration.  It is an opportunity to shower all your blessings on your sister and her on the way expansion.

“For someone who has managed to be the best sister it won’t be a tough task to be the best mother. Best of luck for your safe delivery. Wish you all the love and luck to my soon to be mommy sister.”

Baby Shower Messages to Friends

Friends are the essential elements of all the celebrations. It is something very exciting to attend the celebration of a friend’s baby shower. It comes as great news when you find out your best folk as a soon to be mother. Expressing your surprise and happiness is obvious in such situations.

“Many congratulations to you and your family hope you are ready for the innumerable miracles the baby will bring as a child is rightly perceived to be god’s gift may this angel on its way fill your life with moments of joy. Wish you luck for your pregnancy.”

Baby Shower Message to Guest

Inviting guests to attend this divine and joyous celebration is a moment of honor and great happiness. They turn up to shower their blessing on your bundle of joy. Sharing joy with your near and dear ones undoubtedly increases your happiness.

“As our family waits with bated breath for the arrival of our little baby we would like to request you to come and bless the mom and her baby on the very special occasion of baby shower.”

Baby Shower Messages for Sister in Law

The baby shower ceremony of a sister in law is an important event where rituals are conducted to welcome the new baby in the family. Loved ones and relatives come together for the baby shower ceremony to bless the new mother to be and the child. The baby shower wishes can be sent through texts along with gifts for the baby and the sister in law.

“Dear sister in law, I send my love and happy baby shower wishes for the occasion. I am much happy and eagerly look forward to welcome the newborn into the family with love.”

Baby Shower Message to Couple

Having a baby is a blessing for a couple. No one other than an already blessed couple will understand this feeling better. It seems like recognition of your own love. A perfectly worded message illustrates your true feelings and wishes to the soon to be parents.

 “Parenthood is believed to be the toughest job and as you both proceed towards taking up this task very soon we would like to wish you all the best. Congratulations for your transition.”

Baby Shower Messages for Twins

Having a baby is something that cannot be compared with any worldly joy. A baby gives a new identity to their parents and a great extension to their marriage. And what would be said if it comes in a double offer, having twins is the world’s most beautiful feeling.

“Being blessed with twins has doubled the joy for you and it only brings us more joy to wish you on such an amazing occasion. Congratulations!!!

Baby Shower Messages for Boy

Having a baby is life changing event in every couple’s life. Parenthood is supposed to be a challenging task and having a baby boy is considered the toughest job as they are said to be naughtier and most difficult to handle.

“Babies are always welcomed with lot of pomp and fun and with the arrival of a baby boy your life has changed forever. Congratulations and all the best. Get ready to run after your tiny tot.”

Baby Shower Messages to Baby

Congratulating a baby may seem inconsistent to some people as they cannot read or understand messages. But the purpose of such messages are to shower blessings on the newly born. It is a bit different way to express your love for the baby and appreciation to his parents.

“A very cutie pie welcome to the little angel. Congratulations for your birth in the most amazing family to the most wonderful parents. Stay loved always.”

Baby Shower Messages to my Daughter

Recognizing the love and blessings of all your guests for your newly born daughter is significant. An honest message drafted with tender admiration helps to thank all your guests. It demonstrates you as the best host.

“As I welcome my beautiful little daughter in this world I thank one and all for blessing my baby with your love. Thank you feels very nice and wonderful to be mother to my angel.”

Baby shower gifts thank you messages

People bring gifts to baby shower to express their affection and best wishes. Gifts represent that how much you mean to your guests. Receiving gifts may fill you with happiness and delight so it is always best to express your gratitude to them.

“Thank you for coming and blessing our baby and the mother. Your presence made our celebrations wonderful. We are deeply grateful for the gifts you brought along. “

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