Baby Shower Messages for Friends

Baby Shower Messages for Friends

A baby shower occasion of a friend is equally important occasion where friends from different locations turn up to congratulate and bless their expecting friend. The baby shower blessing is not only for the mother to be but also for the unborn child who gets attached with the mother from the time the child develops in the mother’s womb. The baby shower good wishes for best friends can be sent through text messages, cards or through social networking sites where a photograph of the expecting friend can be uploaded and the baby shower wish can be written with it.

Let us see some of the sample of lovely baby shower messages for friends sent in different ways:

Baby Shower Thank You Messages to Friends

The baby shower thank you wishes are sent by the hostess who is the expecting mother to her friends who arrived at the occasion or sent their best wishes for her. The thank you wishes can be sent through cards or thank you notes with sweet messages written with it. One can also make a thank you text message for the friends and send to them. Friends always turn up on baby shower occasions, to not only congratulate their expecting friend but to also be with her and make her special that day.

“Thank you my lovely friend for arriving at my baby shower, and being there beside me. You have been very special and I thank you for your presence with generosity.”

Funny Baby Shower Messages to Friends

Funny baby shower wishes are humorous wishes sent to friends to make them smile on their special baby shower day. The funny baby shower messages can be sent through cards where one can draw a funny character or anything on the card with the written funny baby shower wish on it. One can also send the funny baby shower wish through social networking sites like Facebook where funny photos of the expecting mother can be uploaded along with the funny wish.

“Friend, step into motherhood and endless crying of your junior. I am pretty sure the next meet would be a discussion of nappies and baby products. Have a happy baby shower.”

Sample Miscellaneous baby shower messages to Friends:

“To sweet friend, heartfelt baby shower wishes with gifts for you. I am much happy to welcome your baby in the family and eagerly look forward to bless your baby with gifts.”

“Thanks a lot my dear friend for being beside me on my baby shower. Your presence, your warmth and love have made my special day more beautiful.”

“Dear friend, last night I had a dream, a dream of you having sleepless nights with your baby beside you. Have a happy baby shower lovely friend.”

“I thank you friend for coming to my baby shower and making the occasion much special with your presence. “

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