Facebook Messages for Non Friends

Sending Messages to Non-Friends on Facebook

Non friends on Facebook are those whom one may not be familiar as a person but are friends on Facebook social networking site. Some also has non friends whom one can send talk messages even if he or she is not in the Facebook friends list. The messages can be sent on chat box on Facebook or can also be posted on the status wall if the non friend allows. One can send birthday messages, best wishes or any type of messages to non friends through Facebook and make them feel good. One can also send private messages to the non friends rather than posting them publicly on the wall incase if it a messages not to be shown to everyone. Some of the samples of Facebook messages for non friends examples sent in different ways are given below:

Facebook Private Message to Non Friends

Private messages are sent through Facebook to the non friends on their chat or can also be uploaded on their status wall if the permission from them is allowed. The funny private messages though are though sending through chat only rather than on the statuses. The best private messages can also be sent through text messages to the non friends.

“For my non friend, I sent this private message to you through chat on Facebook to let you know about our meeting tomorrow at 11 am in Café Mocha. I hope to see you there in time.”

Facebook Charging for Messages to Non Friends

Facebook charging for messages are sent to no friends to let them know about the pay charging methods of sending messages at times through the social site Facebook. The messages are sent through chats or through text messages to the no friends.

“I hereby let my non friend know about the charging for messages rule by Facebook which you can review at the social networking site. I hope you will follow the rules and guidelines accordingly.”

Facebook Messages from Non Friends Notifications

Non friend notifications are listen on others news feed block which updates them about the happening of non friends. One can send messages from the non friend’s notifications replying them of the notifications. The messages can be sent through chats or text messages.

“My non friend, your notification yesterday about my birthday is however mistaken as my birthday is today and not was yesterday as you posted on your wall. I hope you correct it.”

Sample Miscellaneous Facebook messages for non friends:

For my non friend, I wish you a happy birthday through this private message to you. Since you haven’t publicized your birthday on the social site, I hereby wish you through this private message.

My non friend, I wish you all the best of your life through the private message on chat and hope you excel in your new step which you have taken in your life. I wish you all the best for your future.

Your notification about the change in society was the best and I send you this Facebook message for your notification as an agreement to the change in your notification you propagated. I wish you luck in your big step.

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