Facebook Private Message to Non Friends

Facebook Private Message to Non Friends

Private messages are sent through Facebook to the non friends on their chat or can also be uploaded on their status wall if the permission from them is allowed. The funny private messages though are though sending through chat only rather than on the statuses. The best private messages can also be sent through text messages to the non friends.

Below are some sample facebook private messages to non friends.

1). For my non friend, I send you this message through chat to let you know about our meeting at Hotel Crown at 2 pm tomorrow. I hope you will reach on time.

2). For my non friend, I wish you a very happy birthday. May you enjoy your day with your loved ones. May God bless you.

3). For my non friend, as per our discussion earlier, we will be meeting today at 6 pm at Café Coffee Day. Please be on time.

4). For my non friend, you have tagged me in one of your photos which is not of me. So, I request you to kindly untag me from the photo.

5). I send you this facebook message to wish you a very happy birthday as you have not publicized your birthday on facebook.

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