Facebook Charging for Messages to Non Friends

Facebook Charging for Messages

Facebook charging for messages are sent to no friends to let them know about the pay charging methods of sending messages at times through the social site Facebook. The messages are sent through chats or through text messages to the no friends.

Read below some sample facebook charging for messages to non friends.

1). For my non friend, this is to inform you about the pay charging for messages by facebook. You can review the same at the social networking site.

2). For my non friend, please follow the rules and guidelines given by Facebook for sending messages through chats.

3). For my non friend, facebook charges for messages sent to chats. The rules and guidelines are given in the facebook site.

4). For my non friend, please be aware of the facebook charges for messages. Read the rules and guidelines carefully.

5). Dear non friend, please read and follow the rules and guidelines for messaging through chats. The rules are given on the facebook site.

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  • Tina Hudson August 18, 2020, 7:07 pm

    Just to be clear Facebook is going to charge us if we make any comments on sub sites that we join on Facebook like for example Beautiful barns & Country Views or how about Marketplace if we ask a stranger a private message question ? If they are strangers we can’t send a message like this photo is beautiful & then we get charged including private messages to strangers to ask them a specific question about what they are selling ? Hate this if it is true.